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October 22, 2003

Well, SH and I finally got good news about the two-flat. Our offer has been provisionally accepted and now it just has to go before a probate judge for a final approval. That should take another couple of weeks to get the appointment before the judge, but Iím not too concerned about it all any more Ė except for coming up with all the dough needed for all the stupid extras like the Cook County Real Estate Transfer Tax. Itíll work out Ė it always seems to. Allow me to say as a word of warning to anyone out there who may be reading this Ė do not assume that your family will act with respect and dignity when you are deceased. It seems that everyone acts like money-grubbing jerks about the paltry things that have been left in the will. My very wise dad told me once that blood is thicker than water, but money is thicker than blood. So true.

Tonight is this weekís night to go to the archery range. My new arrows are in Ė this time I sprang for Ďrealí feathers for vanes. Weíll see if it makes any difference. I also got longer vanes, which supposedly make the arrow straighten out more quickly. Also purchased is a new sight aperture with a brighter sight pin. Figures that as my eyesight gets crappier I decide to take up a sport that requires precision aim at long distances. Luckily for all the wildlife out there Iím not a hunter Ė just a target shooter. Iím looking forward to the indoor competition season. I think Iím the only female recurve shooter in my club so I guess Iíll be Ďwinningí my division in most meets. I just hope my scores improve over the course of the season and it would be very gratifying if I could get my scores to near where the menís scores are.

Post-range I think M (my partner in almost all extra-curricular activities) and I will go to Amarindís for some tasty Thai food. Iím on day 10 of the stupid South Beach diet. This is the nasty part where you have to deny your self all carbohydrates including fruit. Iíve been pretty good for the most part Ė only cheating with a couple of glasses of red wine and a couple of square inches of baked goods. Thai is perfect since they have abundant choices with no carbs (I just have to ask for no rice). Five Flavor Veggies for me tonight!

SH is likely going out for a boyís night out with a bunch of his friends. Good guys all, so Iím sure heíll have fun.

I got the invites out for my parentís 50th anniversary party today. Thatís a load off my mind. Iím kind of freaking out about the music though. To save some money my brothers and I decided to go with CDís that I would burn as opposed to a live band. Time is seriously running out. The party is on the 22nd of November and Iím going to be gone from the 7th to the 17th. Gah. I get queasy just thinking about not having them done in time. I was also thinking of giving out sampler CDís of the music from the party as favors, but that takes time too. SH can help me with the burning of those as itís fairly easy, and M can help me format little booklets, which will be a big help.

Thatís all for today Ė time to go change out of my work clothes and into jeans to go to the range.

4:17 p.m. - 2003-10-22


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