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October 23, 2003

Today SH goes to see a lawyer who will hopefully be able to present his contracting/architecture bills to the estate so that he can get repaid for all the work hes already done on the two-flat (yes, the same two-flat that we are buying). It would be great if it works out we will be in a bit of a financial pinch if he doesnt get any money repaid. The bill should top out around $60,000 so even if they knock some off itll still be a good chunk o dough to put towards the remodeling.

I shot OK at the range last night, but I lost a favorite ring. Poop. Im optimistic that it will turn up somewhere either in my gear bag or at the range. The new arrows were ready and were they ever nice I probably didnt shoot any better with them, but they sure are cool!

My Halloween costume came today Im going out with 3 friends (yes, M is one of them) and were going to be the girls from Heathers. I was assigned to be the Yellow Heather, who is also Cheerleading Heather (I have GOT to watch that movie again I dont remember any of this) so I ordered a completely heinous yellow cheerleading outfit. I am going to look like Hell. Hopefully SH has some latent cheerleader fantasies that we can work on later so its not just a one-use costume. SH isnt too keen on the idea of all of us going out on Halloween. I told him he could come with us, but I think he feels like hed be a fifth wheel. Hey I told him he could be Christian Slater! I have to stop on my way home at a crafty place to get pumpkin carving stencils so I can carve my pumpkins on Sunday. Mmmmmm roasted pumpkin seeds! It would probably be a good idea to get the Halloween lights up in front of the house too it is only a week away. Knowing me theyll be up until Christmas anyway so whats the hurry?

Tonight is the night that I do my volunteer work at a local shelter. I scoop poop and clean cat cages not exactly fun, but very gratifying. Plus I got two of my three cats there. One of our Thursday night adoption counselors is leaving tonights her last night so well have a little party for her. Im picking up a cake which will be torture because I cant eat any due to the stupid diet Im on. I can say that Ive finally started to lose some weight (just for clarification Im looking to lose about 10-15 lbs.) and the pair of pants Im wearing today fits better than usual by which I mean they arent riding up my ass all the time. So anyway, it looks like Ill have to go back to being an adoption counselor again. Oh Joy. Im so good with the public, me little Miss Crabby Appleton. Eh well they cant fire me after all it is volunteer work.

10:52 a.m. - 2003-10-23


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