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Let me thrill you with a recap of my busy weekend.

October 30, 2003

So why is it that all my favorite online journalers are crapping out? Mimi Smartypants is off adopting a baby in China, Bitter Hag just posted (for the first time in a month!) that she’s got some heavy stuff going on in her life right now, and Hate Your Daddy’s got a ton of stuff going on as well and has only been posting infrequently. Hrmmmph. Don’t they know people read these things?!?

Last weekend was busy, busy, busy! A & I got pedicures on Saturday at Maxine. My toes are now Kinky in Helsinki pinky. One of my dream jobs is to work as a namer at OPI. I don’t suppose a nail polish company would hire a nail-biter though. Then we continued our day as Ladies of Leisure by having tea at the Drake. I tried for reservations at the Ritz but they were full. The Ritz is a vastly superior tea experience. Not only is the food and service better, but, as they take reservations you don’t have to skulk around like a vulture to grab a table. Plus the Ritz actually has soothing décor whereas the Drake has a sort of 70’s Meets Ali Baba feel to it. After my girlie-day was over, SH & I went to my parents house for dinner – mmmmmm….. brisket. Yum. Sunday SH & I went Orienteering out in Busse Woods with M & C. Then to lunch at Chowpatti for some tasty but overpriced vegetarian Indian cuisine. SH & I finished up the weekend by heading out to Woodstock to see SH’s old neighbors on their farm. They’re moving to another farm in Wyoming, Illinois early next year so this was their last party. They always do a nice job – loads of home grown & cooked foods and a big toasty bonfire. Almost makes me want to escape it all and move to the country – but then I look around at the lack of all the things I’ve gotten used to in Chicago and I’d probably go stir crazy inside of a month.

This week has been pretty slow so far. Work as usual (no I won’t elaborate. I don’t socialize with any of my co-workers and my job is not something I talk about with my friends or husband. It’s just a job – nothing shameful or anything, but neither is it something that would interest anyone so I won’t waste space on it here). I did go back to Spin class at Evanston Athletic Club on Tuesday. I have to admit to being a bit of a Bob Snob – he’s the best Spin instructor there is. My kiester is still aching a bit – I guess the gel seat on my real bike has turned my bum into a soft pampered blob – nothing a few weeks of Spin class won’t toughen up. Last night M & I went to the range in Forest Park. In preparation for the upcoming Chicago Park District fall tournament season we shot a mock Round Robin - 96 arrows and 864 is a perfect score. I shot a 586. Well, it gives me something to improve on – like 278 points.

1:28 p.m. - 2003-10-30


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