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October 31, 2003


But, first a recap of last night. Slow night at the shelter although I had a mini-meltdown at the dog supervisor. She’s a bit over-the-top – after all, this is a volunteer organization we ‘work’ at. Last week she made a big deal out of the fact that we don’t always mop the floor (heh. Freudian slip – I originally typed ‘mope’ the floor.) or clean the windows on our shift. To use a grammar school phrase, ‘big whoop’. So last night I was calling people over for the 8pm meeting that we always have on our shift and she said she was too busy. For a ten minute meeting. Where another volunteer has taken the time & money to bring in snax to make the experience more enjoyable. So I told her it was not optional – we all had to go the meeting ‘just like we have to mop the floors and clean the windows.’ Fixed her little red wagon. I swear more petty little shit goes on at volunteer groups. Last week was way more exciting. Since I neglected to post last Friday I can recap it here. Nutty crazy man came in with his mother to get a dog. Nutty was yelling both loudly AND drunkenly that his mother had hit him, purposefully, in the eye. She said she was aiming for his mouth. While M tried to diffuse in the lobby area I discreetly called the Evanston cops. It all ended without incident, but it certainly livened up the evening. And no, we did NOT adopt a dog to nutty man.

So back to Halloween. I bought about 50 lbs. of candy to give to the wee children. SH thinks I’m out of my mind. I love Halloween. We’ve got ghostie lights on the upper balcony railing & SH is supposed to put out my pumpkin lights today. I carved two pumpkins earlier this week – one a cat and the other a skeleton. The cat came out much better – it looks like kitten Ivy (who is not a kitten anymore but we goofed and kept referring to her as the kitten and calling her kitten so that’s what she thinks her name is). Tonight’s the night M and I are going out to a bar with two of her other friends as the four girls from Heathers. I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical that anyone will get it – even with the croquet mallets as props. I finally watched the movie again to refamiliarize myself with it. I love Halloween, but more as a concept and as a holiday for OTHER people to dress up. But in for a penny, in for a pound.

This weekend should be fun – tomorrow I have GOT TO CLEAN THE HOUSE. It’s a virtual pigsty. I’m hoping to get home in time tonight to Dyson (that’s vacuum to you all. I spent way too much money on a fancy British vacuum cleaner that really, truly is the best vacuum I’ve ever used. So good that I no longer say I vacuum, I DYSON) the house and do a little maintenance in the bathroom before M comes over to help hand out candy. I know she has 5 cats to my three so she’s no stranger to cat hair & puke, but I like to keep up appearances anyway. Sunday we have an 8K ‘European-style’ point-to-point run in Crystal Lake. I have no idea what that means, but I’m a shirt whore and the entry fee was only $15 and you get a long sleeved mock turtleneck. SH says the shirt whore-ey-ness wears off after awhile, but mine is still going strong! Sunday I also meet my new pet-sitter. I did a lame-o blow-off of the other pet sitting company. They had too many people traipsing through my house. I like to have met each person face-to-face and to have a little consistency. After all, Toby needs a pill every day and he’s been a little shit about taking it.

Geez this just went onto a second page so I’ll stop now before I bore anyone reading this to complete and utter tears.

10:43 a.m. - 2003-10-31


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