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What's My Motto?

Not much to say today, but Iím sure Iíll manage to string things out enough for an entry. I had a dream last night Ė I hesitate to even mention this because if Iím reading someoneís journal and they start describing some dream they had I usually skip ahead because other peopleís dreams kind of bore me. Unless Iím in them. So to make it short, in my dream I was a spy and I was wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Thatís all Iíll say. Except to mention that you, whomever you are, were not in the dream with me.

Iím having a girlís night out tonight, which is always a good thing. Faithful husband plays soccer at ridiculously late times on Fridays so I get left to my own devices. Usually this involves either going to the gym with all the other Friday gym losers, or zoning out on the couch with bad tv. But not tonight Ė planning pays off. I am heading out with Megan and weíll be picking up Tam to find some tasty Thai food (aiding my quest to try Tom Yum soup at every Thai restaurant in Chicago) and then to Club Foot for some drinkies. Club Foot apparently wants to distance itself from the neighborhood tavern that it obviously once was so it doesnít open until 8pm. No stopping by on the way home from work for a cold one at Club Foot. As I donít live in that neighborhood or frequent Club Foot this is not an issue for me. It does effect my evening out tonight though because Club Foot is a hipster hangout and we three gals will likely be sitting there all by our lonesome until about 10:30 when the cognoscenti will arrive. As I am no longer a hipster, by 10:30 Iíll probably be ready to go home and go to bed. The cool, hip me from 10-15 years ago is very, very ashamed. Anyway, I have this fear that the three of us will be sitting at a table cackling and drinking and we will, for all outward appearances, appear as the three witches from Macbeth. Iíll be sure to post a rundown of the evening at a later time to let you know if hilarity, hipness, or sad lameness ensues.

Todayís healthy eating buster is brought to you byÖÖ my co-worker Lili who just made me split a Danish with her. Yes, I realize that as an adult I do have to power to say no. And I was going to, unless it was a cheese Danish. I had it all planned out in my mind that I would say, ďwhat flavor?Ē and if it wasnít cheese I would decline. But when I asked and she answered, ďUm, red?Ē I found myself saying, ďSureĒ and somehow here I am eating half a slightly gluey, maybe strawberry-maybe raspberry, Danish. And this after I already had my two pieces of cinnamon-raisin toast, which in itself is puzzling because if you know me at all you know my motto is, Raisins Ruin Everything. In fact, I spent some quality time in Springfield picking cleverly camouflaged yellow raisins out of a curried chicken salad sandwich. Blech. They add a cloying sweetness and a disturbing sticky texture to whatever they are in, and in things like chicken salad they smack of a certain 1950ís era Ladies Club festive luncheon idea gone horribly wrong. Men donít eat chicken salad with raisins in it, why should women? If I could find a decent cinnamon swirl bread sans raisins at the regular grocery store Iíd be all over it, but for now Iíll just eat the raisins because itís too hard to pick them out of the bread Ė it leaves too many holes and then the butter runs out onto places it shouldnít. Trust me Ė I speak from experience.

Iím very relaxed today and I think I can give kudos to the White Noise Machine for this. I slept like a baby to the ever slowing sounds of ocean waves. Steve got me the fancy kind from Brookstone that has the ability to accept sound cards to broaden its range of soothing noises and last night he told me about the additional cards. There is one that has, among other choices: Inside an Airplane, and Vacuum Cleaner. I have to admit that I cracked up at the thought that there are enough people out there who consider a vacuum cleaner to be a soothing sound to merit its inclusion on a white noise sound card. Then I really cracked myself up thinking how I could freak out the cats by putting the White Noise Machine on a timer to randomly pop on while Iím out. Heh. That makes me sound mean, but I love my cats and would never ACTUALLY do anything like that.

Iíll try to update over the weekend because itís going to be a busy one and it will clog up Mondayís entry beyond belief. So if youíre a reader pop on by over the weekend and see if thereís anything new.

10:39 a.m. - 2004-02-27


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