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Oog. Quite a weekend so far. The excursion to Club Foot on Friday was fun Ė no lameness ensued, just lots of girl talk. We ate at a really good Thai place called Potpan. The name is lousy, but the food was excellent and the menu has a number of dishes that I havenít seen elsewhere. I didnít order the Tom Yum soup myself, but I did get to try Meganís. Not as good as Thai pastry, but close. As usual once we got to Club Foot I felt a tad ancient because I was surrounded by youthful hipness, but I suppose I can wear a black t-shirt as well as anyone else. We pooped out about 10:30 and our table was instantly swooped upon. It was the right time to leave Ė the DJ had started to crank up the music to a level that challenged conversation. Iím not sure that anyone actually dances at Club Foot because that would involve potentially looking uncool so I donít quite understand why the decibel change. I mean, wouldnít it make more sense to keep the music at a level where people donít have to screech to talk to each other? Showing my age again I guessÖ. I did have a really strange flashback as we were leaving and I suddenly figured out that Club Foot had been The Lizard Lounge when I was in college. My friend Cindy (Cindy Altman Ė where did you and your super-excellent collection of Brit Pop go?) used to guest DJ there occasionally and it always made for a fun night. Hanging on the wall near the door is a framed Lizard Lounge t-shirt that I used to have. I swear I spent a whole summer in that shirt Ė I thought it was so cool with its neon spray paint effect. Yikes.

On the way from the Thai place to Club Foot we had a fun moment. We had on beer left over from dinner (BYOB) and we had it (unopened) in the cupholder of Meganís car. We were looking for parking near the club and we had just made a questionable U-turn and in the distance behind us we saw the tell-tale flashing blue lights. Megan said, ďshit! hide the beerĒ and I swear I was instantly in high school again. Except I never drank in high school, but you know what I mean. Turns out the cop was on some other mission and he just passed us by, but we got a good laugh out of the whole incident.

Saturday was busy, busy, busy. I overslept and was late to pick up Megan to go to the range. I shot OK for the last week of the target league and due to underparticipation in my division I think I may have actually won. Now thatís sad because although I donít totally suck I certainly donít deserve any accolades. We chit chatted after shooting and found out that Adam is the archery shooting double for Nicholas Cage for the movie The Weatherman that is shooting right now in Chicago. He actually got his own trailer and gets paid $200/hour for any work they have him do Ė not too shabby. Megan and I had turned in applications and photos in hopes of being archery extras, but as Gore Verbinski hand-picks all the extras I think at least my chances are pretty slim. It would be fun though Ė I guess theyíre shooting for another couple of months so maybe my chance has yet to come. After the range we went to REI to pick up my X-country skis. It figures all the snow here has just melted so I wonít get to use them until next year, but that would be why they were on mega-discount. I still need 130 cm poles, but they should be easy to pick up online. Megan and I were supposed to start our running program but she had a headache so I just dropped her off at home. No tears shed on my part Ė Iím not the biggest running fan but we have to get in shape for the 2004 Chicago Wild Scallion Urban Adventure Race. We want to shave 30 minutes off our time from last year. I crashed at home for awhile, had some marital fun, took a shower and then Steve & I went out to dinner at Tornesol with our friends Alli and Mike. Dinner was fab and we retreated to the bar at Square Corner to continue imbibing. They had the pear cider that I crave so I indulged in two. Needless to say I slept long and hard.

This brings me to today, but Iíve already blithered on plenty so for anyone who cares Iíll post an update tomorrow giving the Sunday update.

I will mention that as Iím trying away here Iím listening to the XM Radio and I dig it more than I can say. Channel 44 (Fred) plays a truly inspired mix of classic alternative music and theyíve been spotlighting the music of seminal Boston bands so I got to hear The Lyres, Mission of Burma, Jonathan Richman and a bunch of other bands that I havenít heard in a long time. Good stuff.

5:11 p.m. - 2004-02-29


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