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I have a question for y’all. When did Blue Oyster Cult suddenly get switched from the completely laughable camp of pretentious 70’s arena-rock bands like Foghat and Triumph and suddenly become relatively cool again? I was listening to WXRT on my morning drive into work and I heard ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I had a copy of Extraterrestrial Live – back in junior high school. I am also no stranger to the phenomenon of bands that were once cool, then uncool, then cool yet again. Take Cheap Trick. Very hot in the 70’s, then not so hot. Now the cognoscenti line up to see them play at Metro and every hipster in Chicago is kissing their asses. I usually don’t play the ‘hipper than thou’ card’ (or I try not to), but I have always loved Cheap Trick. I remember going to see them on New Year’s Eve in 1987 at the Vic where there were no hordes of black clad, mopey, pale people. Everyone there looked as though they had been bussed in from suburbs far, far away – places where acid wash and poodle perms for both men and women were the norm. Why, yes – yes, this was the tour where they spotlighted the awful cover of ‘Don’t be Cruel’ complete with spangle-clad backup singers. But, back to BOC. I swear there was a time when even the classic rock station here in Chicago wasn’t playing much BOC – let alone WXRT the station that likes to think of themselves as the arbiters of cool. I mean – wasn’t BOC’s lead singer’s name Buck Dharma? Gah. I can see it now – BOC at the Double Door for three nights of sold out shows.

Yesterday here in Chicago we had Weather with a capital W. It got all black and scary, the wind picked up, then the torrential downpour, then the gumball sized hail covered the ground, then more rain, then sunshine. All in the space of an hour. Except for freaking out that Steve’s truck was going to get all denty from the hail (it didn’t) it was interesting to watch.

Steve and I had a Netflix night last night. I came straight home from work – no gym, no archery, no animal shelter – we made pasta with my mom’s meat sauce and a big salad and then we watched Secretary. Steve was not impressed by the spanking movie, but then again he tends not to like movies about quirky-nutty people that smack of (this term again) ‘hipper than thou’. As in, “ooh look at me, I’m so naughty. I made a film about girls who cut themselves and then like to get humiliated and spanked.” I kinda liked it. It was filmed well and the set design was like eye-candy. Plus, who doesn’t like to get a look into how the spanking set lives? Now I wonder, every time I see a movie that depicts some activity or place that I am intimately familiar with I always point out all the flaws. Like in My Best Friend’s Wedding when they parked directly in front of Water Tower Place. Whereas in reality if you parked there, five cabbies would push your car into Lake Michigan the minute you went into Marshall Fields. Or when Megan and I giggled at Viggo Mortensen’s lousy archery stance in Lord of the Rings. What I’m wondering now is this: are there spankers out there who saw Secretary and thought to themselves, “no way would it happen THAT way. He’s not spanking hard enough,” or whatever. I just wonder, y’know?

Just a shortie today – lots of things to get taken care of. Be back tomorrow.

9:59 a.m. - 2004-03-02


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