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I'll have a Sex on the Beach - no make it a Fuzzy Navel.

I have some brutal cramps today but itís better than the alternative, which I thought I was for a day or two. Pregnant that is. Thatís a frightening thought. It would have been all my fault too Ė I was remiss in starting last monthís pack of pills on time. Maybe itís time to check out Seasonale, the three-month cycle pill. Robyn/Bitchypoo started it a couple of weeks ago and I left a remark in her comments section that I hope she keeps us up to date on how it works out for her. I imagine if I started taking it my system would go completely haywire for at least the first year, but if it eventually stabilizes and keeps me from getting preggers, having my period only four times a year would make it worth the initial trouble.

Tonight is an animal shelter night Ė scooping poop and petting the kitties. We should start getting in litters of kittens any week now as it starts to warm up. Itís great having them at the shelter because I can get my fill of Kitten Kuteness without having to take one of the destructive, insane little buggers home. I made that mistake just about two years ago and that cat, Ivy, is still completely nuts. She picks fights with my other older female cat, Wendy, causing Wendy to make this awful mewling sound that brings my male cat, Toby, running in to save the day. Toby will attack Ivy and then itís an all out catfight with yowling and hissing and smackdowns. The best part is that this is usually at 2:00 am. There was a really good one last night. I donít have to really worry because Ivy can still fit under the sofa when she retreats. Tobyís giant lardass wonít make clearance so he traps her there for awhile and then, knowing him and his level of intelligence (teeny-weeny), he probably forgets why he is sitting in front of the sofa at 2:00 am and he toddles back to bed. This might be entertaining if it didnít happen just about every other night. So think about that before you bring a new kitten into your home.

Post animal shelter Iím meeting Steve and a couple of his friends at The Tiny Lounge for a beer or two. Our usual hangout, The Hopleaf, has changed too much for me to really enjoy it anymore. They expanded about a year ago and finally received their restaurant license about 6 months later. The food is pretty good, but it changed the atmosphere of the whole place and brought in a different crowd Ė the asshole quotient went way, way up. And it was pretty high to begin with. Plus it gets so freakiní crowded now that you have to be there by 7 to get a stool or a table. Weíre on the lookout for a new bar for the Thursday night semi-regulars to meet up at. Tiny Lounge is probably a bad choice as their building is getting reclaimed by the CTA or something like that. They have plans to relocate or rebuild elsewhere, but Iím sure it wonít be the same. Bob mentioned a bar somewhere by Ashland & Irving that might be OK, but it will never be the same as the old Hopleaf. Hopleaf has a fantastic beer list and the best bartenders in all Chicago. If you read Metromix reviews (which I often do for humour value) they often mention how snotty the bartenders are, which to me says that that person behaved badly at Hopleaf and was justly treated like the asshole that they are. I always find the bartenders to be most accommodating, but then again I tip well and donít do stupid things like ask for shots with childish names. I suppose we could try Simonís up the street from Hopleaf Ė it is close to everyone. Weíll have to see. There must be a bar we can all agree upon SOMEWHERE in Chicago.

Not an archery dork? Permission granted to skip the next section.

Last night was an archery night. Like the boob I am, I forgot my glasses and the target looked like a fuzzy blob. Since this was not a league night it was no biggie and it gave me the chance to set up my new fancy cushion plunger. I have a Park District meet on Sunday and Iíll have to use all the practice time to fine-tune the plunger settings as I think they are still a leetle bit off. Of course, Iím never really sure as thereís a lot of user error involved. I was naughty and bought a new limbs for the bow on eBay Ė a set of barely used, short length, 34# Hoyt Vectors. They were a really good deal and they move me to a bow with a little bit more oomph which Iíll need when I start shooting outdoors and need to shoot up to a distance of 70 yards. That should be a joke Ė Iím probably going to lose a zillion arrows in the dirt. Or kill someone walking their dog behind the berm at the outdoor range. Iíll be persona non grata in the Lincoln Park Archery Club. Horrors. The Shame. Heh. Oh wellÖ.. looking forward to outdoor season.

1:30 p.m. - 2004-03-04


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