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Envy is one of the seven deadly sins

Well, Iím back after a dayís respite. HmmmÖ That apostrophe looks funny back there in Ďdayísí. If Marian the Grammarian happens to be reading this let me know if it should be there or not. I finished all the housekeeping, which is a good thing since our heater broke last night and itís something Steve canít fix. We will have to have The Man come out to check it out and he will have to walk through the hovel to get to the basement. At least now itís a clean and tidy hovel and will cause me no shame. When we awoke this morning in the Home With No Heat it was a tad chilly despite 2 cats on the bed and the electric mattress pad turned up to 7. I kept hearing the weather on WBEZ, ď32 at Midway, 33, at OíHareÖ..,Ē and I wanted to add my own, ďand itís 37 in Steve and Paulaís bedroom.Ē Letís hope that gets fixed today so frost doesnít form and I donít freeze my kiester off tonight.

I went to the gym last night as I often do on Monday nights. I got there too late for Body Pump so I spent some time lifting weights and then I went to Ramonís spin class where I got my weekly dose of irritation from the anime girl. Sheís so freakiní cute that it makes me want to be ill. Iím sure sheís a dancer Ė thereís a studio not far from the gym and she wears these very dancer-y cool velour track suits pulled low down onto her jutting hip bones and also tights WITH NOTHING UNDER THEM (yes, they are thick tights, but all tights stretch a bit over your ass and expose some flesh between the fibers even if you are a cute anime girl with a petite ass) Ė and she has these perky little ponytails up on top of her head that drive me nuts. Try to imagine a brunette Cindy Lou Who grown up and with a dancers bod. She makes me feel most elephantine, and Iím not exactly huge. Sheís just so tiny and cute and flexible. She does this stretchy thing after class and I swear one of these weeks Iím going to just grab her leg and hoist it until I can hear her hip joint snap. Iím sure that most guys I know would look at her and go, ďeh. Sheís ok Ė she kind of looks like my kid sister.Ē But itís a known fact that the women that men look at are not the women that other women look at. I just reread what I wrote there and it makes me sound most bi, which I am not. Itís just that when confronted by a real-life person whom youíd like to look like, the green monster of envy seeps out.

I got an IM from my friend Walter up in Minneapolis. He works for a large retail corporation that shall not be named except to say that their logo is a red bullseye. He had a meeting this morning for some software thingy and the guy he met with was someone we went to high school and both knew. Itís kinda creepy because Walter stumbled upon his blog/journal awhile ago and forwarded me the link. I read most of it Ė I couldnít help myself. One thing really creeped me out. Background: this blog/journal guy used to have a crush on me and things didnít go well and it was bad in a very High School kind of way with hurt feelings and avoidance and maudlin yearbook messages. Anyway, now his dog has my last name and that just squicks me out. Although I will not put my last name here (we all need SOME anonymity and Iím just too lazy to keep up with the initials and pseudonyms) I can say that it is the same as a long dead poet. Ok, sure, this guy could have been (and probably was) a lit major in college but itís not exactly a name that rolls off the tongue with amazing ease. Plus, and maybe this is being self-centered Ė but arenít we all a bit that way? - I donít see how he could have named his dog this without thinking in some teeny way of me. I mean Ė thereís no way I would have named any of my cats Anderson (despite the fact that I really like Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson) or Coffee (despite the fact that I drink it every day) because these are the last names of previous beaux from my life and it would weird me out because every time I talked to my pet I would be thinking of my ex. Maybe itís just me. But I kind of think not. Thoughts?

Lastly, Iím trying out the Cover Girl Outlast 8-hour lipstick stuff today. The Q section of the Trib gave it a tout a few weeks ago and Megan tried it out and said it does indeed last for quite some time and unlike previous versions of long-last lipstick it does not dry out your lips until all you have left is a bunch of crusty, lipstick-coloured, flakes where your lips used to be. I picked up three last night because, in for a penny Ė in for a pound, and they were 40% off at Osco. Iím wearing Brazen Raisin right now, but I could also have chosen Berry Pearl or Timeless Ruby. Iím all about the dark and sultry lip colours.

11:01 a.m. - 2004-03-09


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