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So I fed my beauty product addiction this morning and placed an order with Bliss. I ordered a Bobbi Brown shimmer stick, a Remede soft focusing lotion, and some Charles Worthington hair goo. I am powerless in the face of a well put-together catalog for beauty products. Or a good sale. Megan and I succumbed to the lure that is Demeter ĎPick Me Upí sprays when they had their recent on-line sale. I canít wait to smell like a Laundromat. This is why, should Steve and I ever get this whole home ownership thing (now THEREíS a story for another day) worked out and finish and move upstairs, I will be getting my very own bathroom. Not a full-fledged bathroom, more like a glorified product closet. I have big, big plans for this room. Sadly, right now I have everything shoved into a medicine cabinet, a large drawer, a tension-rod caddy system in the bathroom, and a wire basket under the sink. And a box in the spare bedroom. And about a thousand lipsticks and balms in various purses. And a shoebox in my bedroom. Disorganization I am thy Queen.

Archery last night was frustrating, too much adjusting equipment and not enough just shooting. Also, the range was pretty dead and none of the regulars were present so there was no fun chatting and bullshitting going on. Hopefully Saturday will be better. Still no word from the JOAD people. They probably think Iím some freaky lady with a thing for teenage boys. Heh. Little do they know. Just kidding Ė Iím a happily married person, not a chickenhawk perv. But that doesnít mean I canít look at some handsome lad or check out a nice set of shoulders Ė Iím not dead after all. My new-to-me bow limbs arenít here yet either Ė maybe tomorrow. That would be nice Ė then I could start shooting with them on Saturday and hopefully be comfortable enough with them for the next meet on April 4th. Iíll stop blithering about archery Ė if anyone is reading this they must be bored out of their skull by now.

Tonight is the big night to try out Substitute Bar #2 Ė the Long Room. Iíve sent out e-vites to most of the old crowd and hopefully some of them will show up and it wonít be too crowded or smokey. I think they have food too, which would be a nice touch. It always nice to be able to get something simple like a burger or a cup of chili if you get hungry or need something to soak up some of the alky-hol in your system.

Just a short post today Ė too much other work stuff keeping me busy. Be back tomorrow.

4:16 p.m. - 2004-03-11


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