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Tonightís the night I join middle-America. Iím taking a craft class. Normally I do not think of myself as a crafty kind of gal. I donít scrapbook (I havenít even gotten my wedding photos in a album from almost two years ago), I donít do needlework, knit, or crochet, and although I enjoy looking at the projects in Martha Stewart Living and the LJCfyi blog, Iím smart enough to know that Iíd spend a buttload on the supplies and then let them gather dust and cat hair in some forgotten corner. But this is different Ė itís a jewellery class. Give me the chance to make sparkley earrings and Iím all over it. Must be my inner crow surfacing. But I figure, the cost of the class covers three pairs of earrings and the instructions on how to do it, so in the future I can just start frequenting the many bead stores with bad names like Beadtastic! and Beadazzled! and just make all my own earrings. Gah. I hate stores with names like that. Thereís a store near where I grew up called Glove Me Tender. How awful is that?

After class, I think Megan and I will head over to Mama Thai. OK, now I like Thai food as long as Iím not subjected to too much of the peanutty shit, and Tom Yum soup has rocketed up my favorite food chart to Top 10 status, but I hadnít really found an entrťe that rocked my world until I went to Mama Thai last Wednesday. They have an almond beef dish that they made with tofu instead that was so excellent Iíve been counting down the days until I can have it again. Itís Oh! My! God! good. And the kicker? I donít even really like tofu so you KNOW this has GOT to be good.

The Long Room was pretty decent last night. Smokey, but that may have been enhanced by the fact that we were right under the smoke collector thingy. When I got home and stepped into the shower I smelled like an ashtray. Yuck. Prices are pretty good and they have a decent selection of beer. Everybody there was so young though. I need to find an old guy corner bar kind of place, but they usually have crummy beer selections and I must admit to being a huge beer snob. If Iím going to ingest the calories, it might as well be decent beer with some flavor. I read a review of the Bad Dog Tavern on Lincoln that sounded pretty good as far as beer selection, dťcor, and air quality goes, but I bet itís filled with a bunch of young jerks. On the northside of Chicago, where do 30-somethings go to have a few good beers in relative comfort? If anyone knows the answer Iíll buy them a beer.

My head hurts a wee bit today Ė most likely a byproduct of the three Hex Nut Brown Ales from last night. I should have quit at two, but they were so nice and tasty. I had to take someone from work to the airport this morning and when I drove over those bumpy strips of concrete that are meant to warn you to SLOW DOWN! CORNER COMING UP! my head kind of hurt. It made the change in the ashtray rattle really loudly. But I think this is more because I didnít have any coffee this morning. I feel much better now that Iíve guzzled a bunch of caffeinated tea.

My new limbs came today! Wheee! Theyíre purty. I canít wait to go shoot tomorrow! Hello? Archery Dorks Anonymous? My name is Paula and Iím an archery addict.

1:15 p.m. - 2004-03-12


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