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Just had to pop in a mini-update here because I just went to a safety meeting here at work and it amused me to the point where I must share. I usually donít and wonít talk about work here because frankly, it would bore the pants off of you. For a brief bit of background I work for my familyís company. I do some accounting and lots of other stuff that has gotten dumped on me over the years. Because of my situation I canít really say Ďnoí to various requests for me to do things. Youíd think that my being part of the family would excuse me from the mundane and the unpleasant, but thatís not the case. Suffice to say that it really sucks to be in a situation where your brother or your cousin could potentially fire you. Yes, it certainly would cause giant fireworks within the family, but itís not completely outside the realm of possibility either. So anyway, one of the sucky, mundane things I have to do is to be the office representative on the Safety Committee. I understand that we do need a safety committee because there are big machines on the premises than can cause some major bodily damage if used carelessly or improperly. But those machines are out in the shop. In the office the scariest machine we have is the ancient paper shredder, which come to think of it is pretty scary. But I digress. This meeting was directly in response to a visit we had a few weeks ago from the nice folks at OSHA who after putting us under a microscope decided that we have a few issues with some of our procedures and slapped us with a fine of a few thousand dollars. This meeting was to refresh everyone on the Lockout/Tagout procedure of turning machines off and cutting their power supply for maintenance. We were provided with a fine video showing all the hazards of not doing this correctly. The narrator was from whatever part of the country where Ďtagí is pronounced Ďtay-gí which is a vocal inflection that drives me mental for some reason. Almost as mental as people who say Ďq-poní for coupon. Címon people Ė do you say ďq-garí? No you say cougar, so say coupon, dammit! By the end of the 15 minute video everyone sitting behind me probably thought I had a muscle twitch because every time the narrator would say Ďtay-gí Iíd flinch. It irritates me that much. Then after the video I wandered back to my cube and was trying to decide if anyone would think it was funny if I got one of the tags and put it on my electric stapler every time I got up from my desk. Probably not, people here donít have much of a sense of humour when it comes to that kind of stuff. But it sure gave me a case of the giggles.

And just to gloat, I scored my pavilion tickets to see Lyle Lovett and his Large Band at Ravina through my Uncle who, as a contributor to Ravinia, gets to buy them ahead of time. In a true show of marital love I also bought tickets for John Hiatt who does absolutely nothing for me but Steve seems to like him quite a bit. But people Ė Lyle! I have Lyle tickets! Iíve always liked his music, but after seeing him last year at Ravinia I can almost understand why Julia Roberts married him. It was one of the best shows Iíve ever seen. Ravinia is a magical place to see a show (pavilion only Ė the lawn is filled with drunk idiots who donít know when to shut up, and besides, you canít see the band and if I wanted to just hear the music Iíd stay at home sit on a blanket in the backyard with my speakers pointing out the window) and bands really seem to groove on playing there and give really great performances. Plus it was date night for me and Steve. I bought the tickets on the sly and didnít tell him and then I took him to dinner and then to Ravinia where he didnít know who was playing. I made him cover his ears when they were announcing the concert and then when Lyle came out he was so excited it was just wonderful. It wonít be a surprise this year, but I bet weíll have just as much fun.

4:37 p.m. - 2004-04-02


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