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Mr. Verbinski, I'm ready for my close-up!

Greetings Diaryland Ė Iím in the midst of a major, major freakout. Some time back I might have mentioned something about turning in an application to be an extra for the movie The Weatherman that is shooting here in Chicago with Nicolas Cage. Apparently there is a sub-plot in the movie where Nic and his daughter take up archery so extra scouts came to the range where I normally practice and had us fill out applications and turn in Polaroids because they would be needing archers for some shots. Megan got called about 6 weeks ago and went down to do some stuff Ė she even got to stand right next to The Star. I was a little bummed that I didnít get a call (I figured I wasnít photogenic enough), but for that dayís shooting it was probably for the best as the archery extras had to shoot in close vicinity to a $70,000.00 camera and the production people made them take off their sights and stabilizers because they looked Ďtoo technical.í WTF? Too technical? Hellooooo? It IS a technical sport! If I had to do all that with no warning my brain would explode and leak out my ears. But anyway, I got a call yesterday afternoon that theyíre shooting another archery scene on Friday and would I be available? Um, lessee, YES! I asked about keeping my sight on and they didnít think that would be a problem because it will be outdoor shots and probably not extreme close-ups like it was for the indoor shots. Iím a little wigged out, but Iíll probably do OK. Lucky for me I got my hair cut Ďní colored on Saturday so Iím at peak cuteness. However I have to be on location at 6am. I repeat, 6am. The location is an hour away. I will have to leave my house at 5am. I repeat 5am. Thatís not even counting the time I need to pack all the archery gear, my clothing changes (they want you to bring 6 outfits for the costume people to choose from), put on make-up, pack make-up, and do my hair. Iím usually very low maintenance, but I figure I should actually put some effort into looking decent for this. Gah. I shouldnít even bother going to bed on Thursday Ė I know Iíll be so freaked out that I wonít get any sleep anyway.

I went to the White Sox home opener yesterday and it was nice (which is why no update). They made some renovations to the park so it isnít nearly as ya-ya-heinu as it used to be. I hear that next year they will replace the uber-ugly blue seats with a more pleasing forest green and that will be a HUGE improvement. The blue is so tacky and cheap looking and it really makes it obvious when there arenít many fans there, which with the White Sox is most of the time. I was out in the bleacher sections and I swear there must have been an outing from a local trailer park at the game. Other than my sparkley 52 pearly whites (or however many teeth you are supposed to have) there were maybe only 1000 collective teeth spread amongst the rest of the section. And a section is about 30 seats wide and 28 rows long. You do the math. It was seriously punkiní head time there. Not that Iím a snob or anything. I usually sit in the box seats where dental health is mandatory because when confronted by gaping holes in the maws of those around me it really distracts me from the game. I mean Ė how can you concentrate on the game when all you can think about is the volumes of food that must get stuck between your seatmateís (lack of) teeth? Seriously Ė forget floss, these people must need dental rope. OK, maybe I am a snob.

Oh! I almost forgot! On Friday I get to go see Mimi Smartypants! Yay! She has the coolest diary on Diaryland and sheís reading at the Gaperís Block party at Ann Satherís on Belmont on Friday. Yippee! I have such a girl-crush on Mimi. Sheís so witty. I want to be Mimi Smartypants when I grow up. Except without the adopted kid, because no kids for me. Iíll take another 10 cats before I have a kid, although if I DID have a kid Iíd adopt one. Because Iím a wuss and couldnít do it the au naturale way.

Thatís all for now Ė have to go to the range to practice so I donít look like a Ďtard on Friday in front of the movie people. With my luck Iíll shoot: the camera, Nicolas Cage or Gore Verbinski, or all three. I bet if you do that, they send you home. The ultimate walk of shame.

4:19 p.m. - 2004-04-14


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