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Screaming Mimi

I think at the ripe old age of 35 I might have finally developed allergies. For years I would smugly announce that I was allergic to nothing: no flora, no fauna, and no food, but now in this season of budding shrubbery I find my nose oddly clogged up. I get great satisfying THOCK sounds as chunks of nasal goo hit the Kleenex when I blow my nose, and I sneeze about 50 times a day. I would begin experimenting with over the counter allergy medications, but letís face it folks, Iím spacey enough as it is. So if you spend any time around me I just hope that youíre not offended by the schnorking noises I make about every 30 seconds.

As if a discussion of snot wasnít bad enough hereís this little tidbit. How gross is it when you have one of those oozy scrapes on one of your fingers and when you wake up in the morning there is cat hair stuck to it making you look like you have little Hobbit hands Ė or at least a little Hobbit finger. Paula Baggins Ė thatís me.

Between the 5:30am wake-up to do my part for flea market, and then the round of public humiliation that will immediately follow at the archery tournament, and then the archery club meeting that will immediately follow that, tomorrow is shaping up to be one big suck of a day. Iím not even looking forward to potato pancakes for dinner. Last Sunday during the second enormous Easter meal of the day (my parentís house) where Harry & Eleanor were in attendance we all got pretty bombed due to the good red wine that was a-flowiní freely. So bombed that really dirty limericks were being bandied about (no, I donít remember any of them because thatís not how my brain works. All I remember was one about some guy from somewhere whose dick was really long so he bent it double and then instead of coming he went). During part of the drunkenness my dad asked Harry when he would be making potato pancakes again. Harry responded drunkenly ĎSaturday!í Thusly making tomorrow potato pancake night. Personally Iíd rather just stay home, order a pizza and pass out around, oh I dunno, 7pm. Not going to happen. Steve and I are committed to the fried starch festival, which wouldnít be too bad but I somehow got the impression that potato pancakes and applesauce will be the only things served. And lots of wine. Pray tell, what wine goes with potato pancakes? I guess Iíll find out tomorrow. Maybe Iíll sneak in some beef jerky or something so I can get a little protein with the carbfest.

Hey! Countdown to Mimi Smartypants! Less than 12 hours to the Gaperís Block party at Ann Satherís on Belmont! Woo Hoo! Poundy will be there too. I canít wait. Itís BYOB so Steve and I can try out the cool neoprene 2-bottle wine tote that we bought last week at the Museum of Contemporary Art. So sleek and trendy. Or maybe weíll bring beer. Maybe Iíll send Mimi a drink. I still donít know what Iím going to wear. Gah. I feel like Iím in high school again.

Iím looking at my calendar and realizing that Iím signed up for a 5K next Saturday. Well now, that came around a little more quickly than I thought it would. I have a week to be able to run about 35 minutes straight so I wonít have to be shamed by walking during the race. OK then. Megan and I are doing a quick run tonight before the party (Mimi! Mimi!) and I think weíre going to try to do 25 or 30 minutes straight. Whee! Fun! That reminds me, I have to pick up the race packs next week at Fleet Feet.

Hey, I won the lottery. No, not THAT kind of lottery. I finally got a locker in the Womenís Locker Room at my health club. You may think I am exaggerating here, but there is a minimum of a two-year waiting list. TWO FREAKINí YEARS. And this is for a small locker. I imagine in order to get a large locker you have to get one of the current large-locker-renters to promise it to you in their will and then you have to surreptitiously kill them. Iíve had a locker in the Family Locker Room for about a year and a half now, but that has a myriad of problems. Both men and women use the Family Locker Room along with their squalling children so you canít just get naked in the middle of the room Ė you have to go into one of the two changing rooms, which is OK only when the locker room isnít crowded. When it is crowded you have to stare down the parents who look at you like you shouldnít be there because the room is supposed to be reserved for parent/child combos during kid swim time. And I have to say the loud naked children freak me out Ė I feel a little pervy because Iím often the only adult there without my own personal naked child. Also, there is no water fountain there so you have to go elsewhere to fill your bottle and there is only one bathroom and it is a toilet/shower combo and it always smells a little fusty. Not poopy or stinky, just fusty Ė like a towel that needs to be washed. So, hooray for my new locker! Best part is that theyíre only charging me $10/month which is that same as I was paying in the Family Room. I think it should be either $15 or $20, but I must have charmed the assignment lady and she said they would honor what I was currently being charged. Go me.

So thatís all for now Ė doesnít look like Iíll have much time to update over the weekend so Iíll be back with a weekend wrap-up on Monday.

10:21 a.m. - 2004-04-16


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