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I'm a star (in my own mind)

So, hereís the lowdown on the movie extra experience. It was fun and I might indeed make it to the film, but you had better look really closely during the mall food court scene during the Weatherman in order to see me. I might be walking in the background or I might be eating some really nasty food at a table Ė just donít look at Nicholas Cage in that scene or youíll miss me because I was background. The fun parts where you actually got to do something were few and far between. There was an awful lot of down time where the crew was setting up lights or props or whatever and that was excruciatingly boring. And I swear that I will never again eat at that food court Ė or perhaps any food court. Having to smell nasty greasy food smell at 8 am really grossed me out. And the trays that the prop guys handed out? Ugh. It wasnít like you had a choice, you just got whatever they handed you and I was not lucky enough to get a slice of pizza, french fries or a burger or a cup of frozen yogurt. For the one scene I got a plate from Cajun Big Easy with some sort of jerk chicken or pork with sides of green beans and kidney beans Ė címon people Ė they do serve mac Ďn cheese Ė show me SOME pity here. For the other scene I got a tray with a burger, onion rings and two corn dogs (apparently I look like a pig to everyone), but then they gave me an instant family and stuck three kids at my table and the kids immediately glommed on to the food so they gave me a tray with spaghetti and meatballs Ė not only disgusting, but difficult to eat. Hopefully no-one will be able to see it when I sucked in a strand of spaghetti and it slurped in and sprayed my face with sauce Ė very classy. All-in-all? It was interesting to do ONCE, but I donít think I would ever do it again. Too much waiting around and it took way too long. I was there at 5:45 am and didnít completely finish up until 6pm. Gah. The people I really feel sorry for? The low level crew who had to be there probably loooong before I did and were still there tearing down long after I left. I realize thatís what they get paid for, but still.

There was a real mish-mosh of people there to be extras. I donít know how everyone else heard about it but most of the people were first timers like me. There were some acting students and one freaky guy who gave Steve his card which claimed him to be a professional actor, singer and model. I donít know what he thought Steve was going to do with the card, but Steve made sure to mention that HIS WIFE in case the guy was sizing him up as a potential date or something. He had driven all the way from Harvard to do this Ė thatís gotta be more than an hour away. Freak. There was also this one trailer-trashy mom with her JonBenet Ramsey-ish daughter that she kept trying to thrust in front of the camera. She had 8X10 glossies of the kid, who was kind of cute but that sort of stage-mom behavior is just too bizarre.

I was supposed to go to the range with Megan when I was done, but not only did I get kept there until 6pm, but one of Meganís catís had to go in to the vet to have his eye checked out and they squeezed her in at 5:30. It takes about an hour to get to the range so we bagged it and decided weíd make it up on Saturday. Instead Steve and I went out to lovely Schaumberg and met his sister, Jan, at the Pizzaria Uno to watch the Cubs game. There was a fire about 8 weeks ago in Janís condo complex and although there was no fire or water damage in her unit it did get all smoky and stinky and the firemen trod all over her kitchen floor and ruined it, so until they replace some stuff she canít really move back in. Until then, sheís been living with her parents and sheís starting to go crazy. Not that her parents are particularly bad Ė itís just that having to live with your parents after living away would drive anyone crazy so Steve meets her out there once a week so that she can get out of the house. The pizza was awful Ė apparently they didnít give the real crust recipe out to the chains Ė but the beer was cold and it was an opportunity to sit down and rest my achiní feet. The bartender took a shine to Jan and I think she could have had a date if she wanted too, but he may have been a little too goofy for her taste.

Thatís all for today Ė itís hard to come up with a good update when you spend a whole day doing the same thing over, and over, and over again. Hopefully today will have more variety, but donít we really all just do they same thing over, and over, and over again in our own lives anyway? Oog. I better sign off before I go all philosophical on you.

11:20 a.m. - 2004-04-22


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