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Cryfest 2004

Sign seen this weekend as Megan and I exited 90 at Harlem:

Live Large!

Learn Piano!

There was a phone number too, but I donít imagine that you need that. I donít really equate living large with learning any musical instrument, but maybe thatís just me. I mean, hey, it worked for Liberace, so who am I to dis someoneís marketing strategy?

I had a giant carbo-blowout last night at Don Juanís in Edison Park with Steve, Alli and Mike. I ate enough chips to have made nachos for all of Rhode Island. But that was yesterday. As of today, no carbs for three weeks. Itís a grim dieting plan, but it did work last time. At least the rest of the world has gone no-carb crazy right along with me so it should be a little easier to find choices at the supermarket and when I eat out. Enough about that. I did manage to weigh myself, so at least I have a goal of how much Iíd like to lose.

This was a pretty low -key weekend. On Friday there was a meeting for the cat volunteers which, as usual, went longer than I would have liked but at least it disseminated some good information.

Saturday Megan and I went to the range where I tried out my super-excellent new arrows and they may provide the edge to take me from uber-sucky to mediocre. I wonít go into too much detail in order to spare the non-archery goobers, but suffice to say that they are shorter than my other arrows and that is a very good and helpful thing.

I sat around Saturday afternoon and watched tv that made me cry. I watched the documentary Best Friend Forgotten about the pet overpopulation in America and that made me cry and then I watched Babe which doesnít normally make people cry, but the dog Fly looks exactly like our old family dog so I start crying pretty much at the start of the film and donít stop until the end. I cry harder at certain places, but itís pretty much a non-stop cry-o-rama. Iím such a dork. Thank god Steve had a soccer game and didnít come home until Cryfest 2004 was already over.

Post-sobbing, Megan came over to pick up Steve and I and we headed over to Hopleaf to meet Susan who was in town from New York and her Chicago host, Chris. I was a little hesitant to go in to Hopleaf after basically abandoning it for months, but it turned out OK and might merit future visits. We skipped out around 9:30 and headed home to bed.

On Sunday the alarm went off at 6:40am Ė gah Ė so that Steve and I would be ready when Megan showed up at 7:15am to pick us up for the Ravenswood 5K. I swear that when Iím sitting at my desk and I register for these races it always seems like a great idea. Then grim reality sets in on race day and I have to get up at quarter-to-seven to run 3.1 miles. I did just fine though considering that I hadnít yet run 3.1 continuous miles yet this year. I still havenít, but Megan and I only stopped to walk for 3 minutes at the 2 mile mark. I think we finished in about 36 minutes, which isnít too horrendous and gives us a nice starting point to build from. Iím a little freaked out by the 10K that looms at the end of next month, but I think I can do it.

Post-race Megan dropped Steve and I off at Fredís house for a pancake breakfast Ė yum. Then we headed home and completely vegged on the couch all afternoon despite the many tasks that called out to us. Much bad tv was watched. Then, we picked ourselves up, showered and headed over to get Alli and Mike to go to Don Juan where I ate the afore-mentioned load-o-chips.

So, this week I say goodbye to (in no particular order): beer, bread, pasta, fruit, juice, liquor, potatoes, cous-cous, rice, corn, some dairy, and many, many other things. I can revisit some of these old friends in three weeks and it wonít be a moment too soon. Hang in with me and wish me the best. If you see me coveting your Krispy Kreme or your bowl of pasta just steer me gently to a bowl of nuts or some chicken fingers. Donít upset me because with all the added sodium Iíll be eating my blood pressure will probably shoot way up. But in the long run, I figure it will be a lot easier to haul my ass 10K if thereís less ass to haul. Iíll keep you posted.

9:49 a.m. - 2004-04-26


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