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Well, I finally weighed myself, and hoo-baby this is definitely the right time to go on a diet. As I mentioned before, Iím peaking at maximum density. I suppose to a casual reader I must come off as some sort of complete freak. They probably have a picture of a huge woman with no eyebrows. I promise this is not the case Ė Iím pretty harsh on myself. Anyway, I went to the grocery store last night to stock up on low-carb food and got a pretty good selection. Today for lunch I had tuna salad with an avacado, and I think Iíll either have an omelette or else Iíll pick up some stir fried veggies from a Thai place for dinner. All right already, Iíll shaddup about it now.

I went rollerblading last night and my god was it hard. Now, Iím a pretty good in-line skater (to use the technical term) but I always forget about the brutality of the first outing of the season. My shins were en fuego and my back felt like Iíd spent the previous day digging ditches. Perhaps this is a signal that I need new skates. This is the fourth pair Iíve had and so far nothing has matched my satisfaction with Pair No. 2, which were falling apart by the time I was done with them. Iíll have to do some on-line checking with Rollerblade, Salomon, and K2 to see what this yearís models look like and then maybe Iíll cough up the dough for a new pair.

I got a phone call this morning that almost made me fall over with joy and amazement. Molly from my health club called to inform me that although I had just previously won the equivalent of the Big Lotto, now a mere two weeks later I have just won the multi-state Powerball. I got a big locker. I canít wait. I can get all kinds of cool locker organizing stuff and I can put a bulletin board on the inside of the door and pin up pictures of Orlando Bloom and Johnny DeppÖ.oh wait, that was High School. Maybe Iíll do it anyway Ė itíll make my locker neighbors nervous that Iím some sort of looney. At least Iím not like crazy lady. All gyms have a certain percentage of crazy people. There are all kinds of categories Ė the guys who have worked out so much they look like the The Tick, women who have had so much plastic surgery that they would give Joan Rivers a run for her money, people who obsessively wait for particular machines, blah, blah, blah. Then thereís crazy lady. Her hair is twisted into all these little coils all over her head and held in place with rubber bands and hair-pins. She wears colored frame cat-eye glasses that are just a mite too freaky to be considered to be hip. She usually wears a seamless sports bra Ė the kind that really arenít meant to be worn on their own. Then she wears a pair of circa 1980 Jan Fonda style panties over a pair of white tights with bunchy socks and Chuck Taylors. Iím sure sheís an artiste or something but my god she looks like a freak. Thankfully sheís rail-thin so at least sheís not all bulgy or anything.

I think sheís harmless though, as opposed to Angry Man. In the room with the weight machines there are hip and inner thigh machines that you sit on and either squeeze shut or push open with your legs (cruder people call these the Yes/No machines). Generally you do one and then the other and if theyíre both busy you stand and wait for the first one that become available. One day I was on the one that you push open and the other one was occupied too. Some lady was waiting for one of us to finish and this guy came up and tried to make her pick which one she was waiting for because he felt thatís the way it should be. He got really snippy about it. Thank god the woman stood her ground and Angry Man stalked off, because I was prepared to stay on my machine until my thighs became numb just so he couldnít get on the machine. Iím so passive aggressive.

Tonight is archery night Ė I get to try the new arrows for real, meaning that I remembered my glasses so I can actually see where theyíre going. This could be the big break that I need Ė keep your fingers crossed for me.

2:04 p.m. - 2004-04-27


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