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Fuck you Carol!

My tape dispenser ran out of tape about two weeks ago and Iíve been too lazy to refill it. I will admit to half-heartedly poking around in the supply closet a couple of times to see if I could find the tape stash, but I didnít have any luck and our receptionist/stock closet maven was out of town so I just kind of gave up on the Quest for Tape. But today one of my co-workers announced a trip to the stock closet and I put in my request for a roll of tape. Now in the past weíve generally had the kind of frosty looking tape that Ďdisappearsí on the paper once you have taped whatever it is you are taping. But this tape! This tape is glossy, nay! Shiny! I though it was some off-brand as our receptionist tends to try to find ways to cheap out on office supplies and copy paper, but upon examination of the box it is gen-u-wine 3M Highland Transparent Tape. The box extols the virtues: ďTransparent finish makes tape easy to see through. For use in hand and desk dispensers.Ē I dig this new tape. I donít tape an awful lot of things at work, but this makes me want to seek out new things to tape. I admit it, Iím a school/office supplies geek. Who among us doesnít relish the potential of a new set of pens, a mechanical pencil, a blank notebook, and a Trapper Keeper to put it all away in? Itís all so exciting.

So, Iím taking Monday off work for two exciting reasons. One: Art Chicago has itís last day and if Steve and I can haul ass down there between 10 and noon we might be able to pick up a cool piece or art cheaply from a gallery that doesnít want to take the trouble to wrap it up and ship it back. Two: We finally, I repeat, FINALLY, get to go see the lawyer to sign the contract for the house. I assume a closing date will be set. This makes me so happy I could pee. I may even have to drag Steve to Trader Vicís for some celebratory umbrella drinks. Readers, this has been a long haul Ė this house thing. Iíve sunk over $40K into this house that almost never got to be ours. Now, I finally get to buy it and sink in even more money. Strangely, this excites me. I realize that this means months of frugality in my future, but Iím willing to deal with that. Looks like itís time to order the ĎFuck You CarolĒ neon sign for our Christmas cards so we can finally tell Steveís aunt how we feel about her bunging up this whole deal.

Thatís all for today Ė Iíve had to be a busy bee at work and I got taken out for lunch, so no time for a long update.

4:08 p.m. - 2004-05-05


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