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Get a load of those ta-tas!

Iíd like to take a brief moment to say that the beginning of each month plagues me in ways I cannot even explain. Thatís a lie. I can explain and I will. I have to run month-end reports out the wazoo, I have to create and update a bunch of spreadsheets (this for someone with only a rudimentary knowledge of MS Excel), and I have to deal with payments from customers who have that strange 5th/3rd payment schedule wherein they pay on the 5th day of the third month after stuff has shipped out to them so giant checks are pouring in that need to be a-posted. Well then, thatís enough work talk/whining because if it bores me, I can only guess the extreme boredom you're feeling on your end.

Yesterday I went to a different place to take a spin class. Taught by our company insurance broker (at least thatís what I think he is). I have to say, Not Bad. The music was well thought out and paced which is really the make-it-or-break-it part of the class for me. This guy was no Bob, but heíll do in a pinch. The room itself was awful. It was maybe 20í X 20í and had between 30 and 40 bikes crammed in Ė without drip guards underneath I might add, meaning that if you sweat profusely you drip right into the carpet. Ew. The bikes were so close that you could literally bump elbows with the rider next to you. There were only about 12 participants last night and the room was funked up plenty by the time we were done Ė I can only imagine in my darkest thoughts the amount of heat and sweat generated by a full class. It must be like Danteís Inferno in there. Even I was sweating and red-faced last night and I tend to be a bit of an English Rose in the sweating department Ė usually I just glow, and I can almost always wear workout clothes twice before they get all grody. But last night I out-and-out sweated. I pulled out my workout clothes from my tote this morning and they were all damp and nastified. Oh well, I guess that means I got a good workout. Or it could be a hint that they need to put in a few more fans or kick up the A/C or something. Just a suggestion yíknow.

Post sweatification I changed into street clothes and headed over to the range where I shot OK. Maybe it was because I was alone up there or maybe it was because I was turbo-shooting to finish up before the range closed. Whatever it was, I did a bit better than usual.

Today Iím wearing this black top thatís very form-fitting and has a very. deep. V-neck. As my cousin would say, ďGet a load of that Cleveland!Ē Iím wearing a sports bra (as usual) and though it may squish the gals down it also squishes them together giving me much the same look that Michelle Pfeiffer sported in Dangerous Liaisons. Today, I am boobalicious. I also am wearing a bit more make-up than usual (why? no reason really. I just put on a little bit more this morning) and I used way too much mousse last night giving me mildly styled, biggish (for me) hair. I was totally scoped out when I went to Pita Inn for lunch today by the counter guys. And to them I say, ďThanks Pita Inn Counter Guys! You boosted my self-esteem a wee bit today!Ē Some may call it objectification, but Iím willing to take a little attention even if it is directed at my bodacious ta-tas.

This will be another jam-packed weekend.

Friday: Drive scary work van home to help for the walk-a-thon by picking up banquet tables, goody bags, t-shirts etc.

Saturday: Get up obscenely early to make it to the walk-a-ton to help set up. Run registration for w-a-t and then go count the $ during the w-a-t. Then, no surprise here Ė help clean up after the w-a-t. Drive scary van back to work & pick up my Jeep and go home to shower. Ride bike to Alli & Mikeís for a demolition party. Later, go to the Stray Show art thingy with Steve, Megan & Clark.

Sunday: All things M-O-M. Make guacamole. Go to Steveís sisterís house for BBQ. Eat. Meet my parents at Ruthís Chris Steak House. Eat again. Go home and complain that Iíve eaten too much. Listen to Steve complain about the same.

Oh well. At least Iím taking Monday off so Iíll get a chance to sleep in a bit and then go to Art Chicago at Navy Pier with Steve before hitting the lawyers to sign the contract. Some fun stuff for a change. Iíll try to squeeze in an update tomorrow. See ya.

3:16 p.m. - 2004-05-06


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