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The Mad Pee-er Strikes Again!

Sorry for the lack o’ updates, but it’s been a crazy week. The mad pee-er struck again. Last night I was settling in with Steve to watch the Cubs game with our just of the BBQ burgers when I set my hand down on the middle of the couch – where the two cushions meet – and it was wet. You know how when something like this happens it takes a couple of minutes to register what’s going on? That happened last night. I was all, “La la la. My, sure is damp where my hand is. La la la.” Then it resistered. Damp = pee. Argh – little fucker. When I announced the presence of pee, Steve asked, “are you sure it’s pee?” No offence honey, but duh? What else would it be? There wasn’t a leak in the ceiling directly above the couch or anything and unless they’ve been having kitty parties and one of their little friends spilled a beer on the couch it was definitely pee. A sniff of my now befouled hand confirmed that we were in the presence of pee. I stripped off the couch cushions and was thankful that only a teeny bit of pee had gotten onto the actual cushions. Most of it has been soaked up by the cushion covers, so I put those in the washer with some Woolite to de-pee them. Then I spot cleaned the cushions and set them upright so they couldn’t get peed on again. Tomorrow Toby goes to the vet as I believe he’s the most likely candidate to be the Mad Pee-er and I want to rule out a urinary problem. He gets to stay there all day and if he hasn’t peed of his own free will by about 5pm then he gets the big squeeze to force him to give up a sample that they can check. Man, just when I thought I was in the clear. There had been no pee (that I know of) for a whole week. But yesterday morning about 5am Ivy started this crazy eerie howling. Toby and Wendy were on the bed so we knew it wasn’t an internal cat fight. Steve went to check on the situation and one of the neighborhood cats was sitting on our porch railing taunting Ivy. Then Toby came out and started a smackdown of some sort and he saw the other cat and got all upset. So, perhaps the pee incident was stress related. I dunno, but pretty soon, when I either have all my upholstered furniture covered in shower curtains or I’ve just given up and switched to plastic lawn furniture y’all can just start calling me the crazy cat lady. In addition to booking the vet visit, I placed a triple threat order with Amazon: another Feliway plug-in, Nature’s Miracle enzyme cleaner, and some sort of oil that smells good to humans but not cats so they avoid the places where it is – like the whole freaking living room. Toby also got a one-way ticket to boredom today. He is locked in the bedroom with food and water, a clean litterbox, and a shower curtain covered bed. If there’s pee somewhere outside of that bedroom today I can kinda rule him out. If he pees somewhere in the bedroom – like my laundry basket or on the throw rugs or under the shower curtain than BINGO! I have my culprit. I can also check the box to see if he went in there or not. This is making me appreciate stuffed animals more and more – no shedding, no puking, no peeing.

That’s all for today – just a quickie. Work is busy, busy, busy today and I want to have everything all finished up before the long weekend. I will try to post tomorrow though.

3:59 p.m. - 2004-05-27


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