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What a weekend. Friday night Steve and I met our friends Mike and Alli at a neighborhood tavern for dinner and a few beers. I had the perch special and was it ever tasty! Washed down with a few Blue Moons Ėmm mmm good!

Saturday was the dog wash at the shelter and for once we had a perfect day. Business was slow though, which makes it easy on the volunteers but means that not much money is being raised. I washed a French Bulldog and that is now my dog du jour. It was so cute and snorty Ė like a little asthmatic footstool. After my shift was done I scooted home to do some weeding and hang out in the lawn chair reading the rat book. I swear Ė Iíve seen more rats in the alley this summer than ever before. It grosses me out because itís often not just the lone rat. Iíve been seeing them in groups of two and three and some of them are of the, shall I say, larger variety. I guess Iíll just keep up with the neighborhood vigilante act and continue to call Streets and Sanitation to dutifully report my rat sightings. I told Steve to keep an eye out for any that he sees in the daytime. According to the book that means that the colony is so big that it canít support itself with nighttime feeding alone. The weaker members have to venture forth during the day to get enough food. From the dogwash/outdoor reading combo I got myself a nice little sunburn on my back Ė oops.

Later on Saturday Steve and I rode our bikes to meet some friends at RibFest. I think Iím too old for _____Fest. Fill in the blank on your own. At any of the ĎFestsí there are just too many hot sweaty drunken bodies meandering aimlessly around for me to have anything approaching a good time. Plus, I hate eating standing up and I doubly hate having to use tickets to buy my overpriced non-healthy food. I had a minor breakdown when I got there because there were too many people and it was too hot and it was awful, but I calmed down and managed to have a passable time, but I think that there will be no more Fests in my future.

Sunday was the last Orienteering meet of the season Ė no more until Fall. It was out in the Palos area a zillion miles away, but happily there is a large population of Indians in the area so we found a tasty Indian restaurant for lunch. Mmmmm Ė buffet.

On the way home we stopped at REI and I scored a great Burton jacket for about 1/3 of its original price. It will be great for cross-country skiing next year and now I can get rid of the ratty Patagonia fleece thing that Iíve been beating into the ground.

Also on the way home Ė a stop at the Glenview Dairy Bar. Ummmmmm. I tried this stuff called Frace that has only 10 calories per ounce, no fat and low carbs. It was actually good! I could become addicted. We were joking about the Seinfeld episode where they all become addicted to some sort of lo-cal frozen yogurt that isnít really lo-cal at all, and then we were talking about Pirateís Booty the puffed corn snack that wasnít as low fat & cal as they claimed at first. Iím hoping that Frace is the real deal because itís quite good. In fact, now that Iím writing about it Iíve developed a sudden craving. I need to find a Frace outlet near work Ė stat.

When I got home I did more weeding and put up the tomato cages. Weíve had so much rain that the tomatoes are going crazy. Then Steve took off for Osco to use their photo scanner for a project that heís doing related to the house. He was supposed to be back at 9pm when dinner would be ready, but he still wasnít home by 9:15 when dinner actually WAS ready. I always try to build in about 15 minutes because of his habitual tardiness. I finally saw him sauntering up at about 9:15 through the back window and then I saw him stop and he called out to me. Turns out there was a huge opossum sitting on the fence near the back door and Steve was reluctant to get close. After much wishy-washiness I finally came down and opened the back door and the poor opossum moved a few feet further away and Steve made a break for the door. Geez Ė itís not like they have lightening fast speed Ė thatís why you always see them squished on the street. I feel sort of sorry for them, theyíre actually quite hapless. They just look mean because they have more teeth than any other North American mammal. Thatís my factoid for the day and Iím sticking to it.

I just sent in an e-mail to the Chicago CTA Ė furthering my vigilante status. I told them a couple of things I liked and then blasted them for the gross fuzzy seats. You canít tell if the seats are dirty or wet until itís too late and honestly, they have to cost more to install and maintain than the old molded plastic seats Ė right? Yick. They give me the willies.

OK. Lunchtime is over, so itís back to work.

1:46 p.m. - 2004-06-14


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