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Rat Patrol

OK, someone has to help me out here. Diarylandís standard templates are just about the butt ugliest things around, but me with my complete lack oí skillz cannot even begin to figure out how to make my own custom template. Jeez Ė I canít even figure out how to get a picture of me onto my Orkut profile. Thatís assuming I could actually find a picture of myself that I like. This lack of technological ability is something I have to remedy. I figure more people might actually read my journal if I was able to set up a notify list and then I could see if anyone was reading it if I could put in the stats tracker. Of course people might actually want to read it if I could get my ass in gear and figure out how to put in links and pictures and had a template that wasnít so ugly that it burned peopleís retinas, but that would also entail figuring out how to do all that. See? Itís all intertwined. Iím such a loser. Thank god Walter is coming next month and I can see if I can get him to show me how to do a couple of these basic things. He did send me an e-mail explaining it, but Iím much better if someone shows me. Iím a hands-on kinda gal.

This fear of technology is also keeping me from buying a TiVo. I have the money, but Iím loathe to spend it if I wonít be able to figure out how to use it. The concept is good for me even though I donít watch much tv to begin with. At least when I did sit down to watch Iíd be able to see things that interested me instead of getting stuck watching whatever is on at the moment. I could arrange entire Crying Saturdays where I just watched episodes of Animal Cops and Animal Precinct. Speaking of programs on Animal Planet, whatever happened to Animal ER? I loved that show Ė it was good for at least one crying jag per episode.

Rat update: my neighbor Michelle saw a rat behind her garage (which happens to be right next door to MY HOUSE!) so sheís rallying the troops (her husband, her father, and Steve) to all call 311 and report the rat sightings. I feel kind of bad because I really do love animals and I think the poison that they use that causes the rats to bleed to death internally are barbaric, but by the same token: Milo my college pet? Cute. Extremely large filthy alley rat? Not so much.

Thatís all for today Ė just a quick update because I have to get out of here to go run with Megan and then hurry home for a BBQ with Mike and Alli.

4:32 p.m. - 2004-06-15


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