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Oh my achin' back!

Whew, I am in some kind of pain, people. My weekly North Shore spin class was a little low on the air conditioning yesterday and I was sweating like a pig – something I rarely do. I had more than my usual minimal glowy perspiration – I achieved actual drips running down my arms, legs and head. I looked like I had just participated in some awesome movie sex. But this is not the source of my pain. No siree bob. I came home from class, took a shower, warmed up some quiche leftovers and made a salad for Steve and I, and then we settled in to watch a couple more episodes of Homicide. After Homicide we had a little, ahem, discussion about the house. Steve had been down to the lawyer’s office to drop off some papers and had come away with a potential end date for this whole mess: two months. Ugh. This has already been two years already. Two years that I haven’t been able to listen to over 800 cd’s and read about 300 books. Two years that I haven’t been able to use 98% of my wedding gifts. This, combined with some PMS, got me a little wound up, but in some ways I feel justifiably so. Steve doesn’t ask the follow up questions that I want asked. I mean, ok – two months. My follow up question – Why? What is going to happen in those two months? What is it that needs to be done that will take two months? Who exactly is it that can release the deed for the sale of the house? What do they need for this to get done? Could this possibly take LONGER than two months? If so, why? These (and probably more) are questions that I want answered – and as the CLIENT in this situation I feel SHOULD be answered. “Two months” is not answer enough for me. Steve acts like the lawyer is doing us a favor and this pisses me off to no end. For me, a little explanation goes a long way. Anyway, back to why today is all about the aches and pains. The ‘discussion’ ended with one of those sort of “fine!” Well, then FINE!” deals whereupon I, in a fit of pique, slept on the couch. Which was not good for my spine alignment. Or my pelvic alignment. Advil taken so far today (by 11am): 4 and counting. Apparently marital duress is not good for either my mental or my physical health.

So – news on the peeing front. It’s not Toby. On Tuesday I left Wendy and Ivy locked in the bedroom and let Toby roam free amongst the tarped up furniture. When I returned home at about 7:30pm I found pee in the bedroom on the bed. No pee to be found in the rest of the house Ugh. Time to start from square one. And now I know why Toby, addle-brained kitty that he is, has been giving me looks that say, “Hey! I’m not the one whizzing on the furniture! Why’re you locking ME up in the bathroom?” I booked drop-off appointments at the vet for Friday for the two girls (since I don’t know which one it is). In the meantime I’ve got all three separated: Ivy in the bathroom, Wendy in the bedroom, and Toby has the run of the rest of the place. I’m hoping either Wendy or Ivy pee inappropriately before Friday so I can just bring in the one, but who knows. I really, really, REALLY hope this is medical and not territorial because the medical stuff I can deal with. Jamming Baytril down the offender’s throat for 10 days is no biggie compared to massaging the fragile mental psyche of a cat and trying to create separate ‘territories’ in a small cramped apartment.

More pee news (but this is funny): Tuesday I was jogging with Megan on our usual route that takes us past zillion dollar mansions and I swear I smelled cat pee. But, then I figured that I had cat pee on the brain and I was obviously going completely bonkers so I didn’t mention it. Then Megan said, “Smells like cat pee.” So weird – this is not an area where there is a stray cat problem and it’s not also the kind of place that people let their pampered housecats roam loose. We smelled it twice during our jog in totally different areas. Is there a plant out there that smells like cat pee? If so, why would you want it growing near your home?

That’s all for today.

2:30 p.m. - 2004-06-24


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