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This is shaping up to be a mind-numbingly busy holiday weekend Ė no lazing about on the couch for me. Walter and Erin are in from Minneapolis and I need to entertain them to some degree. I desperately want to hit one day of Fitzgeraldís American Music Festival, there are two baseball games I am slated to attend, I need to fit in archery practice somewhere, and I somehow need to eat sensibly so my cholesterol level doesnít read as 8 bazillion when I go in for my annual exam next Tuesday. Oog. Perhaps I can beg off one of the baseball games to wedge in some horizontal couch time. Better yet, perhaps I can push off my doctor visit for a couple of weeks.

Fie on My hunk-fest movies have not shipped. I am absolutely in a fever to watch the Snowy River sequel so I can gaze upon the loveliness that is Tom Burlinson again. If you too are a fan, I would recommend against Googling him to see what he looks like now. Itís very disappointing Ė he didnít age well and apparently he has some sort of fixation on Frank Sinatra and has played him in a stage tribute with singing and all. I prefer my fantasy men to be more of the strong silent honorable type Ė not the exuberant, bursting into song kind of guy.

I think I may need to add Hidalgo to the list of hunkalicious movies to watch for some Viggo Mortensen action, but it doesnít come out until August. Can someone please tell me why there are separate widescreen and regular screen versions of movies out on DVD? Whatever happened to putting both versions on the same disc on opposite sides? Because technically I could use both Ė my regular tv is not so big or fancy so a regular screen version would be nice but when I have the day-long droolfest I plan on heading to my parents house to take advantage their seldom-used monster big screen tv where the wide screen version would be better. Oh well. Perhaps if my ass (and mind) isnít numb from watching four movies in a row I could then turn around and watch the LOTR trilogy for some Middle Earth hot man and elf action (please do not read that as hot man-on-elf action Ė I have no interest in the slashy side of fantasy land). Speaking of LOTR, I tried to pre-order the extended version of the third movie and apparently the release date hasnít been set yet because I was unable to place my order. I can only imagine that the studio has demanded a pre-Christmas release for the extended version so I can hope to hear about a release date soon. Iím such a geek. Who would have guessed? I used to totally make fun of fantasy geeks, but now I could totally see myself playing Dungeons and Dragons and going to a ren faire. Mayhaps this is some sort of stunted adolescence. More likely itís an enormous desire to be somewhere other than my cramped, peed upon apartment with no concrete date set of when my existence there might end Ė even if that place is a fantasyland inhabited by geeks.

Iím only kidding about the pee Ė since Iíve added a third litterbox and another food/water station no-one has peed where they arenít supposed to. Of course Iím not taking any chances either and the bed and couch remain tarped up for good measure. Little shitheads.

I think it was about two years ago that I packed up my worldly belongings and moved into the hovel (Steve hates it when I call it the hovel). That means that by the time we finally get the house settled (maybe three months) and then get the upstairs finished (another nine months) I will have been separated from my worldly belongings for three years. Thatís a lot of time for someone who considers themself to be a Ďstuffí person. Some people have suggested that since Iíve managed to live without this stuff for two years that maybe I should just divest myself Ė sell it all on eBay and make some quick cash Ė adopt a zen lifestyle with less possessions. I suppose when I unpack it all there will be some stuff that will seem unnecessary, and maybe I will get rid of some of it then, but for now I feel like thereís a deep void. Remember in Pretty in Pink when Iona (Annie Potts) is talking to Andie (Molly Ringwald) about missing prom? Iona says that people who donít go to prom become maladjusted because thereís something missing in their life Ė they will find themselves wondering whatís absent in their life and it all goes back to missing their prom. Well, I went to my prom (although it was sort of a disaster and my date wore a kimono) so when I find my heart racing because something is missing itís because something IS missing Ė my stuff. Yeah, yeah. I could unpack it and get at the Lyle Lovett CDís that since I saw him last night I have a hankering to listen to, but there is no room to store whatís been unpacked. Also, since Iím a good packer, the ten or so boxes of CDís are all in alphabetical order so that when the time (finally) comes I can unpack the boxes and put them directly onto the shelves. I donít want to mess up the system by rummaging around for one or two discs. Grrrrr. Also since the pee issue with the cats, I have a deep seated fear that when I get to the last carton of books Ė the one with the copy of Max Beerbohmís A Christmas Garland signed by Norman MacLean, and all my Nancy Mitford first Editions with the Cecil Beaton covers Ė it will all turn out to have been pee-soaked at some point and Iíll have to throw it all away. Iíd like to think if that was the case Iíd smell the pee and trace it to the box, but you never know.

Thatís all for now Ė if I have time tomorrow Iíll write a good rant about all the blabbermouths sitting around me ruining my Lyle Lovett concert experience.

4:32 p.m. - 2004-07-01


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