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So, the blabbers at the Lyle Lovett concert. Near where I live is a beautiful outdoor concert area called Ravinia. Nestled in the midst of what must have been a wooded prairie itís really a lovely place to go to a concert Ė apparently itís very similar to a place called Wolftrap if youíre familiar with that venue. They book a nice mix of classical concerts, some vocal or opera recitals, light rock, folk and country. Nothing too out there Ė it is after all in the midst of a very tony suburb of Chicago and I donít think the residents would approve of either a band like Megadeth or their fan base invading their pristine locale Ė not that thereís anything wrong with Magadeth, but I think even their fans would agree that the standard volume of a Megadeth concert is more than most residential areas could take. Most Ravinia-goers choose to sit on the lawn Ė itís one of the few venues where you donít get frisked before you enter Ė and youíre welcome to bring blankets, chairs, tables, picnics, and adult beverages Ė steak or cheese knives even! Personally, I hate the lawn. I donít care about the lovely setting or the cost-saving attributes of the BYO philosophy. People who sit outside are blabbers and they treat the lawn seating area like a big party. Even if I only pay $10 for my ticket (which is what the lawn Ďseatsí cost) I expect a pleasant LISTENING environment, which I cannot get on the lawn. So instead I shell out $60 for pavilion seats. I figure Iím safe if it rains, I have a guaranteed seat, and I can expect the people around me to have the self-control to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Not so. The fuckers around me couldnít keep their traps shut for two minutes. I shushed a few of them with The Stare of Death, but it didnít always work. And note to the person behind me who considered ĎIf I had a Boatí to be a sing-along? Shut. The. Fuck. Up. I have John Hiatt Tickets for the 13th and I swear Iím considering selling them to my cousin so I donít have worry about my head exploding with hatred at the talkers. Ravinia has rocketed into the Top 5 on my list of places that should I ever decide to kill myself, I could do it there. But not before taking out all of the talkers that are sitting near me. Thatíll show them.

Ok Ė I took a break there and went out for our company picnic. This will not be a productive afternoon, I can tell you that right now. Iím hot, sweaty, and full (go me for remembering to pick up veggie burgers) and since I had a couple of adult beverages in a go-cup Iím feeling a bit sleepy too. With these events I usually find myself wishing I could have a beer, so this time I just made sure that there was a beer for me to have. Since drinking it out of the bottle would have been too obvious I settled on my Baja Fresh go-cup. Yes, I did have to drink my beer from a straw, and yes, I did feel a bit collegiate, but I got to have my beer now Ė didnít I? Urp.

So, provided the effects of the two beers wear off (to show you what I mean I should just leave in the plethora of typos that are magically springing forth from my drunken and seemingly oversized fingers) I think I may go for a solo jog tonight when I get home from work. I messed around with my iPod and did a software update last night so it seems to be working again. I had thought that the battery crapped out, but that seems to not be the case after all, which is a good thing since the new batter is something like $100 and because Iím a compu-tard I had the thingy for almost two years before I figured out how to use it productively I probably only used it 10 times during those two years. Not very cost-effective. I donít mine exercising solo, but I do have to have something to entertain me while Iím doing it. Steveís at the much touted Cubs/Sox game at Wrigley with my brother and wonít be home until probably 7, and Walter and Erin wonít be ready for drinkies until about 9, so I have to occupy myself with something and it might as well be healthy exercise. And ordering stuff online. I have my eye on a lilí somethiní at Toys in Babeland and Bust magazine has a code for 15% off (in case youíre wondering the code is BUST and itís good through July), so I think itís time to indulge myself. No, as a matter of fact I donít think I will share what it is that I have my eye on with you. Some things should be a mystery.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend Ė I may check in Ė I may not.

1:29 p.m. - 2004-07-02


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