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Back from The Funk

OK, Iím back. I am over my funk. I was The Funk for about two weeks. And not the fun George Clinton/Bootsy Collins/Parliment kind of funk. More like the moody/crabby/snippy, kind of not-so-fun funk. Why The Funk? Who knows. Maybe PMS, maybe the house thing, maybe my uhÖ. poop problem. But leave it to a rockiní good live music experience to get me out of The Funk.

Although I do not often listen to WXRT anymore as I canít stand the fact that since corporate ownership has taken over, their playlist has shrunken like a cashmere sweater put into the dryer, I am on their cheesy XRT VIP e-mail list and I often peruse and enter some of their online contests. This week I won passes to go to an after hours event at The Field Museum where there would be bands, booze, and Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Two if the acts interested me not: Tristen some earnest folky chick and Michael McDermitt who is great proof of my theory that everyone has ONE good song in them. He should have just gone away after Just West of Eden because he apparently has only the one good song in him. Happily for me the middle act was the Waco Brothers, which are led by Jon Langford late of the Mekons. Steve and I public transported down to the Field and happened there at exactly the right time (this is a phenomenon that although rarely occurs to me was in full force last night) as the Waco Brothers were just plugging in. They played for about an hour and their enthusiasm was infectious Ė it MADE me happy.

So happy that after they were done Steve and I bought two of their CDs and walked north up the beautiful lakefront path to Millennium Park where we took in The Bean (really Cloud Gate, but no-one is ever going to call it that), the huge glass block video fountain/sculpture thingys and the Frank Gehry music pavilion. We didnít have time to find the Gehry bridge, but weíre invited there for a bash on August 4th so we should be able to check it out then. We did however check out the new restaurant, The Park Grill, and I must say it is quite nice. Steve and I shared the following: gazpacho, a goat cheese and beet salad, and a fresh basil and tomato pizza. It was crowded all the way up until closing time Ė I bet theyíve practically made back the zillions they spent on the park already. I think Mayor Daley is a genius Ė even if he is a likely proponent of political cronyism. The cronies seem to have the city looking great and running well so itís no skin off of my back. I know I should look at the bigger picture, but since my small picture looks just fine Iíll take that.

Lessee. Since Iíve been gone for awhile I can update a few things. I went to see the doctor for my annual exam and I spoke to her about my poop problem. She suspected it might be parasitic since I volunteer at an animal shelter and my symptoms didnít sound like IBS (thank god since thereís no cure for IBS). I was sent away with 6 sample jars and the order to poop on saran wrap and use the jarís enclosed spork-like thingy to collect samples. Can you say humiliation? I had to become Furtive Bathroom Gal at work. Then, I had to keep the sample jars around (I used a small handled bag from the shop Kool Thing on Lincoln) until I was finished with the sample program and then go and hand them off to some poor soul at the testing lab. Mmmm! Please take my bag oípoo! I wonít describe this any further, but I can say it was extremely gross and apparently pointless as not only do I not have parasites, but I must have scared my system into regularity because I havenít really had a problem since I saw my doctor.

Steve and I rode 30+ miles in the Tour de Donut Ė a race in downstate Staunton where there are two stops along the way where you can eat as many donuts as you want and have 5 minutes taken off your time for each one. We each ate a paltry one donut as the prospect of puking in a cornfield didnít really seem like it would be much fun.

My friends Walter and Erin came to visit and it was nice (except for the torrential downpours) Ė they even set me up for a Live Journal account (kind of like a mixture of Friendster or Orkut and Diaryland) which I must admit to not using yet. It would be much easier to add pictures and links to my entries, but I would have to manually transfer all my old DL entries. A conundrum to be sure. Also, since I write most of my entries during my lunch-hour and you need some sort of special client to write on LJ, I need to figure out the logistics of putting that onto my work computer. Iím thinking that ultimately it would be a good thing because even though Iím a Diaryland Gold Member Iím too much of a dope (read as: too lazy to sit down and read the directions) to figure out how to use most of the expanded features that I have and I believe that LJ is much more user friendly. Weíll see Ė and if I do move my journal Iíll be sure to post the new diary info for my loyal brigade of readers (as if).

2:42 p.m. - 2004-07-23


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