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Ho hum - back again.

OK. Iím back. Again.

Really my only excuse for absence is that there wasnít much to write about. Not that there is now either, but hey, youíve got to pick up somewhere. Hereís a recap of the news of my world:

House Ė still not closed yet. Supposedly (yeah, right Ė how many times have I heard this now?) itíll only be a couple more months. Iím beginning to think that Steveís family are a bunch of really well concealed grifters and somehow all my money will be gone if I ever get so fed up that I decide to buy a Luxury Loft Condominium somewhere.

Diet: OK, Iíll fess up. I canít hack the low-carb craze so I went to a diet doctor. Yes, really. So now I go every couple of weeks for my next stash of happy pills. Shut up Ė Iíve lost 10 pounds and the waistbands of all my pants donít threaten to asphyxiate me.

Wacky races: The Wild Scallion is out. I know we all registered for it, but it seems undoable this year. Steveís heel is still problematic and Megan has been traipsing around after The Cure and I have not exactly been keeping to my running plan. We will however compete in the 5K Nike Run Hit Wonder (mostly to check out the 80ís bands) and the Muddy Buddy where Megan and I will have to slog through a pit of mud together at the end of a 10K run/bike race making for a fantastic photo op.

Trips: Contain your excitement here Ė I went to Effingham, Illinois for the annual church carnival/picnic thingy where I did thrilling small town things like play bingo, bought a small quilt, ate lots of corn, bid on a whole hog (which I thankfully didnít win Ė Iíd have massive guilt every time I roasted up a portion of Olí Fatty), ate fried chicken and hung around a pool. Itís one of the few vacations I take where I donít feel like I need a few days at home to recover from my vacation. Just wait for the excitement when I go up to the farm in Wisconsin Ė whoo baby! The stories Iíll have then. Las Vegas over T-giving should provide more scintillating stories Ė like sitting next to my parents during the over-18 Cirque du Soliel show and feeling like Iím 12 and snuck into an R rated movie. Iíll probably revert to commenting on someoneís boobies.

Archery: Huh? Oh yeah, that bow and arrow stuff? Heh. We kind of took the summer off. Iíve gone to the range sporadically and I started using my compound bow, which has seemed to help a bit. Weíll pick up again in the fall when Terry gets the leagues going again. If Steve signs up for indoor soccer again (which kills Friday nights) I may even try my hand at 3-D. Itís just more of a winter sport for me Ė too many other things to do in the summer.

The Pee: Knock on wood there has been no pee for about a month. If it does start up again I have a valium Rx for Ivy thatís just rariní to go. Iím not so confident that the problem is over that Iíve unshrouded the couch and bed, but maybe someday I can live a normal life again. When I went to the vet and she suggested valium, I hinted around that maybe it would be best if EVERYONE in the house were on valium, but she didnít seem to pick up the subliminal message.

Oh Rats!: Although their population seems to be down I still see a plump rodent skitter across the alley in front of my car about once a week. Itís far better than earlier this summer when I could expect to see 1-2 ROUS (rodents of unusual size) every night. My new rodential nightmare has been the tree rats (squirrels) eating my tomatoes. It wouldnít bother me if the fuckers took a tomato off the vine and ate the whole thing, but this greedy, Ďtake a bite and throw it on the lawní thing has got to stop. I got a tip to boil hot peppers in water and them spray the water on the tomatoes so I think thatís what Iíll do. Serve the little fuckers right if they get their tongues in a tizzy.

Social life: Iíve been very social this summer. Since my role is usually as ĎYour Cruise Directorí I have planned all kinds of outings at local bars and restaurants. I took my niece shopping downtown, Megan and I met Mimi Smartypants for drinks and I donít think she hated us, I saw a few plays with friends in themÖ.. Iíve been out and about Ė on the scene Ė establishing a presence. OK, not really but I have seen a lot more of my friends this summer.

Electronica: We bought TiVo Ė but havenít hooked it up yet (soon Ė I just need Megan or Dave to help). I got XM, but Steve hasnít installed it yet (too busy with his sisterís projects). I got a new cell phone Ė and I did manage to figure it out. Go me. This pretty much follows the pattern of me buying gadgets and then not bothering to figure out how to use them Ė 2 digital cameras (youíd think Iíd have taken the time to learn how to use the first one before buying a better and more complex one), my palm pilot (crapped out after not hot synching for like six months and took all my information with it), the fancy British stereo system that languishes in a box waiting for a wall unit in my Ďnew homeí to be unpacked Ė the list goes on and on. In future purchase news of electronics I will buy but not figure out, I have a lead on a ummmm, shall we say Ďwarmí 42Ē plasma screen TV that I may be able to have pushed off a truck into my back yard. That would rock. Considering the pretty shitty TV I have now it will be like jumping into Jetsonsland. But Iím not holding my breath Ė the procurer of the TV currently wants a little too much for it and I have to wait until he gets desperate and needs some cash. Allow me to make an ethnic stereotype and say that itís good to work with a Sicillian.

Art: Itís been a good summer for art. I bought another piece of tattoo flash from eBay and had it framed, and I bought 3 lovely photographs by a local artist named Christopher Meerdo that I get to pick up at the gallery this Saturday. I love art. Iíd rather sit on milk crates and spend my money on art. I think next Iíd like to buy some sort of oil painting or a nice watercolor.

Work: Eh, I never talk about work. Why start now?

Thatís about all for the wrap-up. Now that Iíve assuaged my guilt for not updating I should be back on my normal semi-regular pace.

12:19 p.m. - 2004-08-24


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