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Burning Sensation

I have a UTI. And this is The Suck. I get a bladder infection about once every two years in varying intensity. Luckily, this one can be classified as Merely Irritating as opposed to the one I got while vacation in Florida a few years ago that could be classified as Completely Debilitating. I need to call my doc and have her phone in a Rx for penicillin to get this cleared up – stat (to use an ER-ish kind of medical term). I hope she doesn’t want me to come in and whiz in a cup – I’m a big girl now and I’m fairly certain I can diagnose my own UTI. Plus, it’s not like penicillin is some sort of addictive drug that I’d be lying about to get a ‘script – now if you could treat a UTI with Vicodin I’d be lying about having one every few months because I do love the Vicodin. Don’t worry – it’s not in a Matthew Perry or Winona Ryder kind of ‘gotta have it’ way – more like in the ‘I enjoy the occasional dreamless night of sleeping like the dead kind of way’.

Mmmm – I forgot to mention that I chipped off the very expensive veneer from my left front incisor. I have them on all four of my top front teeth, but the left front incisor was my nail-bitin’ tooth and so it probably has weakened over the past ten years or so that I’ve had veneers. Veneers sound so Hollywood, but it wasn’t vanity that caused me to get them. I had a particularly nasty horseback riding accident when I was about 13 and it killed my front two teeth and now if you hold a mirror up so you can see the back of my teeth they’re all black back there and the veneers hide the white-trashiness from the general public. The incisors were done to help colorblend the front two with the rest of my teeth so the wouldn’t stand out like, well, fake teeth. The veneer actually chipped off when I klunked my head down on a weight bench at the gym (so sporty – aren’t I?). So – there goes $800 into my dentist’s pocket. But, the upshot of this is that the new veneer is weaker than the old one was and I can no longer bite my nails without risking chippage again. Now I actually have the proverbial snowball’s chance in Hell of growing my nails past their present ragged stumpiness. I should go buy some sort of nail polish stuff to help strengthen them. Hmm – perhaps an online binge at Bliss is in my future. I think I even have some sort of free shipping coupon somewhere. Back – after a 15-minute shopping spree at Sephora because I felt that Bliss was too limited. Woo – that was like $6.87 per minute.

Gah. I just called my doc for the Rx and although technically her office is open until 4pm, her lazy-ass receptionist apparently saw fit to turn on the auto-answer at 3:40. Fuckers. Another day of fluorescent orange pee caused by the Uristat which only masks the feeling that I’m peeing broken glass or hydrochloric acid, but doesn’t cure the problem.

That’s all for today – just a shortie.

4:21 p.m. - 2004-08-26


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