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I feel stressful, oh so stressful.

So let’s see…. How busy have I been? How much stress have I been under? Well, if you don’t count the miraculous 3 pounds that I lost in 3 days, the giant stress pimple that sprouted like a third eye between my carefully groomed eyebrows, and the ginormous bags under my eyes, you’d probably never know that I was over-busy, over-stressed, and over-tired. I’m able to camouflage most of the symptoms of all this with the help of my old pal Bobbi Brown and the oh-so careful application of her fabulous make-up. What bags? Why, with that sparkly pink eyeshadow you look positively radiant! And wide awake! See how easy it is to fool the general public. I haven’t updated here much lately, mostly because every moment that I have I am either ‘resting my eyes’ or thinking about ‘resting my eyes’. Or trying not to get caught ‘resting my eyes’ at work. Here’s a recap:

The vacation to the farm was fabulous. That was the last time I remember not being stressed out. We ate, biked, ate, shopped, and ate some more. I promise to post a more detailed description later when I get my shit together,

The week after the farm I had to: catch up on all the work piled up on my desk because no-one can really do what I do here at work without bunging up the system. I did the Muddy Buddy ride-n-run with Megan – 7 miles of pure torture in the hot countryside. Don’t think I’m exaggerating either – someone actually DIED at this race from heart failure and you’re all damn lucky it wasn’t me. My husband went out of town for the weekend and I am apparently completely unable to sleep on my own anymore – every creak and noise sent me shooting out of bed to find the intruder. I had a dentist appointment where it became apparent that my childhood fillings are deteriorating to the tune of another $1000 of dental work. I ran the animal shelter bake sale pretty much singlehandedly (although Megan was invaluable for her kindness in hauling crap and standing with me for the whole livelong morning at the Farmer’s Market). I assisted Megan with running the archery club picnic, I took my niece to see her first concert – Kill Hannah of course. This was particularly stressful because I so did not want to disappoint her. Or lose her at Metro. Or have her pop rufied at Metro. Thankfully it was a success and my sister-in-law will most likely let me take her out again which is a good thing because don’t we all need a cool Auntie in our lives who takes us shopping and to concerts with cute bands? Oh yeah, and I apparently strained a muscle badly enough during the Muddy Buddy that I had a tingly numbness in my right arm. Did you know that when you look up ‘tingly numbness’ on you are very likely to frighten yourself into becoming a complete non-functioning spazz necessitating a trip to the emergency room where they will ask you a zillion questions (starting out with ‘Does anyone where you live hit you or hurt you?’ Which they apparently HAVE to ask you at the ER in Illinois. I asked if my cats count) but they only conclusion that they can come to is that you probably strained your muscle at the Muddy Buddy. I went to the Renegade Craft fair in Wicker Park where everyone from the vendors to the shoppers was cooler than me, but they did not shun my dollars and I managed to score some DIY crafty girl made goods. I cleaned the house including the bathroom (ewww!) and vacuumed up two weeks of cat hair so that it would no longer look like I had soft, black, furry, wall-to-wall carpeting. I celebrated Steve’s birthday with a plethora of gifts – most of which are tickets to things that I can enjoy too (aren’t I sneaky?). And all this shit took place in the week after the vacation.

This past week has been a little better, but I feel tired and testy. I got back on the workout schedule which may be pooping me out too. I ran the Nike RunHitWonder last night (thank you Walter) and it was totally awesome. I did the 5K as opposed to the 10K, which meant that I missed Tommy Tutone and Dramarama, but I did get to see Flock of Seagulls, Tone Loc, General Public and Devo. It was really strange to see these bands that seemed so cool and so successful when I was in high school playing in a place where I could be 5 feet away from them. I have to say that Dave Wakeling from General Public still has great hair. They were playing Tenderness when we came up to they stage and then they played Mirror in the Bathroom which is perhaps my favorite English Beat song. I instantly became a complete ‘tard and screamed and jumped up and down and involuntarily began doing that dorky jumpy ska dance. Dave Wakeling – you may have gained some weight and you were wearing a completely uncool Nike workout top and bad shorts, but I still heart you in a non-sexual kind of bring me back to my high school days kind of way. Just one question though – where was Rankin’ Roger? I miss the tiger striped hair.

This weekend should prove to be just as busy. Tonight I’m taking Steve out to dinner for his birthday, tomorrow we have our company outing at the Milwaukee Brewers game and Steve and I plan on staying up in Milwaukee for the evening and having dinner at The Pasta Tree and drinks at Bruno’s bar, The Palm Tavern. If I can squeeze it in I want to go down to Brady St. to check out this cool vintage shop that we found the last time we were there. Now that I’m 15 lbs. lighter that when we went there last I might actually have a shot at fitting into some of the cute vintage wear. Mimi Smartypants put it best when she pondered why it is that some women can go out wearing a vintage slip and cool clunky boots and look great but when she tries it she looks like a mental patient – or something like that – and that is SO how I feel when I put on the vintage garb. Sunday we’re going to scoot out early to the Kane County fairgrounds to the Folk Art Festival which I predict will wind up being a bunch of Kountrified Krap and then we have to scurry to his sister’s house to celebrate his birthday. Gah. I need to take a day off and just stay in bed. Or sleep more at work.


2:13 p.m. - 2004-09-24


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