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Don't Mess With Texas

Work stinks right now. And I mean this very literally – they are reroofing the building and the molten tar stank is seeping into the ventilation system making me feel as though I have a temporary job in the LaBrea Tar Pit or one of the levels of Hell close to the earth’s firey core. It’s giving me a monumental headache and I’ve only been here for about an hour and a half – I can only imagine how I’ll feel by 5pm. Last week there were frightening grinding and banging noises from the roofers as they peeled off the old roof in preparation for the new one and I thought that was pretty bad (and unsettling) but that was before the pervasive stank which wins hands-down for making the workplace unpleasant and headachey.

I spent the weekend in Texas for Steve’s aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary party. It was all very nice but the familial funfest is sort of foreign to a person like me who comes from the kind of family where Less is More. I mean we all like each other (mostly) but we can express that like with visits once a twice a year at major holidays and polite WASPy zero body-contact greetings. Plus there are just less of us in general – 3 children seems to be the max amount that anyone had and two is the norm as opposed to the six children in both Steve’s and his aunt and uncle’s families. In Texas, we did enough in the three days and visited (I wanted to type visitated there, but I was afraid that anyone reading this would think that I actually thought visitated was a word so I refrained) with enough relatives while we were there that if I described it all you’d have thought that I was there for at least a full week, and this DEFINITELY qualifies as a vacation where I could have used a few days off of work when I got home to recover.

Like I said, I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow description of the trip, but we did get a chance to spend about half a day in the new Ft. Worth modern art museum which is really fabulous and very worthy of a visit. They have an excellent varied collection and (apparently) one of the best Robert Motherwell collections in the country. I didn’t dig the Motherwell stuff so much, but I did like the rest of the art and they have one of the nicest museum cafés I’ve been to.

I am now a part of the TiVo Nation – hooray for me (bigger hooray for Megan and Clark who came over and installed the TiVo). Now instead of just not watching tv there is a whole TiVo-load of recorded programs for me to not watch. Just kidding, I do watch them and it is nice to always have something there that I want to watch but it is becoming a lot of work to keep up with The Gilmore Girls, which is on everyday in syndication and has a new episode every week as well. Plus TiVo has yet to suggest anything I’d actually consider watching – I wish I’d written them down because some of the suggestions were so ridiculous as to be funny – so I have to spend a few minutes every couple of days not so gently reprimanding the TiVo for resording crap. Golf? THREE THUMBS DOWN!!! Badly produced detective show on the PAX Channel? THREE THUMBS DOWN!!! Steve was skeptical about the whole Tivo thing, but he has now completely acclimatized and thinks that it’s the ONLY WAY to watch a sporting event. However, I’m pretty sure that he thinks The Gilmore Girls is a waste of good TiVo hard drive space.

That’s all for now – I’m suffering from severe lack of motivation so this is all you get today.

3:11 p.m. - 2004-10-19


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