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Eeee! Two entries in one day! This is just a shortie as I obsess about the swag CD I need to put together for the Weet-a-con next month. I suppose as long as I load up my iTunes before I head to El Paso I can put together the playlist there and then burn the 30 or so discs I’ll need for the ‘con when I get home. I have to really think about this – the music I pick will reflect me and since I don’t really know anyone who is coming to this I have to pick carefully. I don’t want it to be too weird – as if I’m trying to hard to be edgy, but neither do I want it to be too mainstream - making me look like a corporate sheep. This is a toughy. I’ll have to check out my list of stuff that I want to buy from the iTunes store and see if there’s anything I want to add. The hard part is choosing 70 minutes worth of music – I want the disc to be strong all the way through and not have any lame spots. This will take some thought and some work.

Also – I want to find out if the plane (s) that we’ll be taking to El Paso will have the power plug thingy so I can watch my Gilmore Girls DVD’s on the plane without draining the battery. Is there a way to find this out on the internet? Or do I have to call the airline and have them most likely make a note on my permanent record that I called with a strange question therefore setting me up for a full body cavity when I go through security? I suppose I could bring the cord and use it if the outlet is available and drain the battery if it’s not, but that seems too easy. OK I called and I have a ‘powerport’ in my row for each of the three flights I have, so looks like it’s Gilmore Girls all the way! I am such a dork. Now I just have to dig out the power adaptor and remember to bring it with me.

Here’s a partial list of stuff I’m planning (or has been planned) for El Paso:

Eating at:
The State Line (BBQ)
Café Central (fancy-schmancy)
Coronado Club (country club fare)
Double Eagle (for lunch)
Jack In the Box (finally a convenient El Paso location)

El Paso Art Museum (small, but very nice – and a new modern wing!)

Day Trip:
Old Mesilla (where Billy the Kid was shot – good tourist-y shopping)

And I think I can wrangle a trip to the nice pawnshop so I can see if there is any bargain jewelry to be had. Yes, it IS a nice pawnshop. The scary pawnshop probably has more interesting things, but it’s scary.

Ok time to scoot home – have to pack, burn more Gilmore Girls to discs (SHUT UP!), and load the iBook up with some more music.

5:12 p.m. - 2005-02-15


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