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A whore for the good word

I seem to be less snotty today. If you care, that is. Im also relatively quil free. I still didnt go to Boot Camp Fitness this morning though no reason to press my luck.

Other than the Nordstrom Spring Make-up Bonanza tomorrow morning this will hopefully be a very quiet, low energy weekend. Maybe a trip to Costco for some garbage bags and toilet paper, maybe a stop at Target. What Id really like to do is go see a movie. Specifically Id like to see if Sideways is still around anywhere or maybe I can get Steve to overcome his distaste for the little jerk (Leonardo DiCaprio) and we can go see The Aviator. Hey, Im well known for my movie oddities (I have never seen Moonstruck because I cant stand Cher), and Im not overly fond of Leo myself, but this movie promises some old skool Hollywood glamour to feast upon. Plus, one person in a marriage with unsubstantiated quirks is plenty if you ask me. Of course those who hated Titanic may feel that Steves quirk is not so unsubstantiated. Another argument for another day.

Im wearing my birthday present today a sumptuous double strand of creamy pearls. My parents gave me the gift that keeps giving so I bought myself a necklace I had seen on my trip to El Paso. Every girl should have pearls so classic, so refined, so versatile. I had a really mediocre strand of baroque freshwater pearls but its just not the same. Not to mention that these have a very nice deco clasp with sparkly diamond chips. And, because they were shipped across state lines, no tax. Whee!! I foresee wearing a lot of v-neck sweaters and open necked shirts for the next few weeks.

So, the ex-college DJ in me is patting myself on the back. I made a swag CD for the Weetacon and was complemented on it by Ms. Bix herself. Im such a whore for complements on my mixes. I made a Spin Mix for Bob, the spin instructor, and practically peed myself when he came over to me during class and gushed about how good is was. My friend Alli is a direct result of one of my mix tapes. Yes, tapes. Hey back then there were no recordable CDs. I know Im dating myself a bit but thats OK. I had just joined a sorority (I know, so totally establishment, but we were kind of the loser sorority) mid-year and had been introduced to Alli at a party. She has a kind of poise and quiet elegance that intrigued me, but for all I knew she listened to Starship or New Kids on the Block or some other drivel. So I made a mix tape with the coolest, newest college music I had, gave her a copy, and By George! She liked it! And a beautiful friendship was born that continues to this day.

Random question: Where does all the snot come from, and why does the snot-faucet only get turned on full blast when you have a cold? When you are well, where does all the snot go? I must have blown a gallon of snot out of my nose in the past week. Theres a pretty image a big milk jug full ofwell you get the picture. Ill leave you with the very true quote from Mark Twain that is on my cat-quote-a-day calendar (GIFT it was a GIFT. Im only half way to crazy-cat lady not all the way there yet):

The man who sets out to carry a cat by its tail learns something that will always be useful and which never will grow dim or doubtful.

1:51 p.m. - 2005-03-11


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