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Orange flavored Shaghai Tang

I went back to the gym for the first time in a week and my inner thigh muscles apparently used the week off to lie dormant and jiggle towards flabbiness because they are screaming in pain today. Those ballet squats are killers. After the hour Body Pump class (basically group weightlifting) I had to find something else to do because the pool is still closed for some sort of refurbishment, which makes the aqua aerobics class I usually take moot. This was probably for the best as my nose is still runny and no-one wants a gaboon floating past them in the pool and I certainly didnt desire to be the source of the unwanted floating gaboon. So, instead I took the high-energy spin class with the overloud music. I think a new record was set because no less than five people got off their bikes during class to go up and partake of the free earplugs. Each time I muttered pussies under my breath. I guess my years of standing next to the sound system at Metro (formerly the more picturesque sounding Cabaret Metro) have cured me from being disturbed by loud music. I have to admit to slacking off a bit during class because frankly, I was pooped and still had remnants of Dayquil surging through my body, but I still got a pretty good workout. Id be headed back to the gym again today, but instead the whole family is trekking to Bensenville to watch my nephew play hockey in some sort of state tournament. Yippee. Im having trouble mustering the appropriate excitement level for this event, but I do get a free dinner out of it. I am a whore for the free food. I can afford to buy my own dinners out, but its so much nicer when someone else pays.

Steve and I are going to NYC! I won a pair of free Southwest Airlines tickets about a year ago and they were set to expire soon so I took advantage of the long Easter Weekend (we get Good Friday off work) to head east to see our friend Rob and check out some of our favorite museums and see the new MOMA. I have to find out if I can convince Steve to go to Searle the store theyre always sending people to on TLCs What Not To Wear. I fear it might end up like the time, pre-Steve, when I dragged Rob to Shanghai Tang, a NYC outpost of a fancy mod Chinese clothing store. While I loved the concept and some of the clothes, most were for women who are built like girls and the clothes I did like and might possibly come in a size to fit me were ungodly expensive. Same thing when I visited NYC with Megan a couple of summers ago and we went to Takashimaya, the uber-cool Japanese department store. Lots of beautiful things at jawdropping prices sheet sets for thousands of dollars, $1500 cashmere robes, $250 teddy bears, $200 T-Shirts you get the picture. Whereas I am somewhat willing to experience a fabulous boutique as almost a kind of museum experience where I can perhaps take some ideas from what I have seen with me to try to find lower-priced knockoffs, men are not so much that way. If you beg and plead to go to some out of the way foo-foo store then goddamn it youd better buy something when you get there. Rob still brings up the Shanghai Tang debacle when I want to go to an out of the way retail establishment. Shanghai Tang will forever be my albatross in some ways Id love to go back and check it out again but Id never hear the end of it. Im wondering if it would be kosher to e-mail Robs old girlfriend, Dawn. Id like to go to Chinatown with her because she knows the absolute best places to get stuff really good purses, the best comfy pajamas, sexy Suzy Wong chongsams you name it. Plus shes a very cool person. But, Im not quite sure how things stand with her and Rob now so I dont want to cause a rift of any sort. Jeez he finally finds a girlfriend I like and then they break up. Poop on the both of them. Dont they know I need to go to Chinatown to get knockoff purses for Steves sisters and I need to know where to go and that I need Dawn there to be recognized as a regular by the purse-guy so we get a better price than the average tourist? The nerve of some people.

Oh well I need to go do some research on current exhibitions at museums so I can come up with some sort of game-plan for the trip.

3:30 p.m. - 2005-03-15


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