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Chocolate orgasm

This would have been here on Friday, but Diaryland kept having technical difficulties so instead it's here now.

So, even if you feel fine, if there are still giant clots of mucus coming out of your nose does that mean you have a sinus infection? Inquiring minds want (need?) to know.

Also – if there are any Diarylanders reading this – I’d love to provide a slew of cool linkys to the places I mention, but I’m a bit of a ‘tard when it comes to technical stuff. Anyone out there who can explain how to insert links in layman’s terms? Also – helloooo! Could the standard templates for Diaryland be any uglier or harder on the eyes? I became a gold member in hopes of more choices, but no luck there.

I have a nice weekend planned – full of things to do but still leisurely. Tonight Steve and I are meeting friends to go to a wine tasting for French table wine – ooh la la. I’m hoping the table wine part means that we might be able to afford buying some – I suppose whose table the hosts are referring to will make that decision. Wine guru Robert Parker probably has a different budget for his table (and probably higher standards for the wine too….) than I do, but we shall see. Not that I need any more wine mind you (I keep stumbling over mixed cases in the basement that I have bought over the last year) but it never hurts to have enough decent wine on hand for a good impromptu blow-out party. I’m desperately trying to figure out what kind of snack I can have before the tasting so that I don’t get completely blitzed and act like a drunken boob or get a little too free with the checkbook and come home with ten cases of wine. Yes, I do know that I can spit it out in the bucket thingy but I’m not a very good spitter and I usually dribble and ruin clothing. In the long run I’d rather be drinky for one night than have to throw away the fab new Banana Republic shirt I’m wearing. I think they are also supposed to have frenchified light appetizers like crusty bread, creamy cheese and pate, and maybe some sausage so that might help take the edge off too, I’ll just have to ask them to do small taste pours.

Tomorrow Steve and I are going to hop on the Brown Line (that’s one the elevated train lines for those non-Chicago people out there – not some sort of strange fecally oriented sex practice), take it to the Addison stop and then walk north on Lincoln Ave. In the past year a whole bunch of interesting shops have opened up along with some of our old favorites and we thought we take a gander at the ones that interested us. There are a number of antique-y shops that seem to specialize in 20th Century stuff, some junque shoppes, a couple of vintage clothing shops, a nice independent bookstore, our local branch library, and the Chicago Museum of Decorative Arts housed in the last building that Louis Sullivan designed. Provided the weather holds up it should be a nice walk of about 3 miles. Then tomorrow night we’re going to dinner with Alli and her husband, Mike, to Lovitt, a fabulous BYOB restaurant where I should be able to knock off 3 or 4 bottles of decent wine from my collection (helping to make room for the wine I’ll probably purchase at the tasting tonight) – that’s figuring in the 2 glasses I always send to the kitchen for the chef and his wife so don’t think I’m a giant lush. Mmmm…. I’m hoping the Adult Ho-Ho is still on the menu for dessert – spongy rich chocolate cake wrapped around frothy whipped cream all sprinkled with powdered cocoa in a pool of vanilla crème anglaise…..unnnngggghhhhh – it’s like a dessert orgasm. And my suggestion to my fellow diners? Get your own. If anyone comes near mine they’re going to get a fork plunged into the back of their hand – it’s really that good.

After that I should probably swear off all food for Sunday, but no, we’re heading to my mom’s for her traditional St. Patty’s Day corned beef and cabbage dinner.

So that’s all for now, if I did my job right you should be really, really hungry by now – much like I am. Have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Monday.

9:26 a.m. - 2005-03-21


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