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This was supposed to be from last Wednesday, but Diaryland apparently hates me and my entries.

Everything this weekend – fine and dandy and as planned. Since the belated Friday (thanks you Diaryland) entry outlined the plans for the weekend I see no need to bore anyone with a recap.

Currently I’m starting a pre-NYC freakout. Normally I’m a fairly good little traveler – I enjoy all modes of transport and have become a much better packer in the past few years. But even the best packers would have trouble with going to New York carrying only a backpack – let alone a reformed overpacker, of which I most certainly am one. I managed this two summers ago when Megan and I went to NYC to watch the International Outdoor Archery Championships (geek alert), but that was summer (smaller articles of clothing) and we didn’t have any plans to go anywhere nice. This time the small baggage is a necessity because Steve and I are staying with my friend, Rob, and we won’t be going back to his apartment until the end of the day so we will have to tote our luggage with us all Thursday. If Penn Station still had lockers we could ditch our stuff there for the day, but I suspect that since 9-11 the lockers are a quaint bit of history, so that means I’ll have to keep it light. I’m planning on wearing a medium weight trench coat as rain is predicted almost every day I’ll be there, a pair of black pants – my ONLY ‘bottoms’ for the trip, a lightweight nice sweater over a white t-shirt. Shoes are always a concern because of the amount of walking I do, but I think my pair of short, black, zip-up Kenneth Cole boots should keep me both comfortable and fashionable. If I bring another sweater, a couple more t-shirts, a long sleeved shirt, pyjamas, and the requisite socks and underwear, I should be able to be make it through the weekend and look OK. It kills me not to be able to look great in New York because I swear everyone there looks fabulous. Just help me god, I don’t want to look like a tourist. I suppose I can always buy something there if I get invited to a black-tie party or (more likely) if I spill something on my pants.

I bought our tickets for MoMA today - $25 freaking dollars apiece, plus an $11 service charge for the ‘convenience’ of buying them ahead of time. Bah – it had better be good.

OK – I just looked at the time and I have to run. I need to stop at Target to buy tiny toiletries for the trip. Squeeeee! Two more days!

10:53 a.m. - 2005-03-28


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