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NYC Part I

Whew. Iím almost recovered from the post-NYC exhaustion. Hereís a recap of the trip:

Note: thanks to the lovely and talented Weetabix, Iím trying to add links to this entry so please bear with me while I try my hand at html for the first time.

Thursday: Flew into the Long Island airport and managed to catch the shuttle to the train and get the train into Penn Station with no mishaps. We even had time for a slice of NY-style pizza at the train station in Ronkonkoma while we waited. Steve and I found Robís office easily and picked up the keys for his apartment. We chit-chatted a bit until he had an appointment to go to and then we hit the streets to check out a couple of cute shops near Robís office that he recommended as having ďtotally Paula thingsĒ for sale. We stopped in at Butter & Eggs and I resisted the pink leather pig doorstop only because it was too freaking heavy to carry around for the rest of the day, and Steve bought me a chiming steel egg in honor of the Easter weekend. Then we stopped in down the street at Working Class where I tried gallantly to get Steve a pair of cufflinks that looked like tiny handsaws, but his excuse that a lack of French-cuff shirts would necessitate buying an entirely new shirt wardrobe just so that he could flaunt cute $65 cuff-links. Finding the shops cute, but not tempting enough to buy anything we again hopped on the subway and headed to the Nomadic Museum. The photos in the museum were beautifully printed and presented, but the subject matter didnít really interest me. I was more interested in the shipping-container and paper-tube quik-assembly museum concept. It was undeniably very hip in all itís sparseness but it would have been nice if they could have figured out a way to heat the inside so I didnít feel like I was visiting the best appointed meat-locker in the world. Plus I felt the $12 entry fee was a bit steep considering that there were maybe 30 photos total and an hour long video Ė for $12 I would have liked more than just two skimpy overhead heat lamps so that I could have leisurely enjoyed the photos and film without fearing frostbite. After leaving the museum we walked around the neighborhood, known as the Meatpacking District, which seems to have mostly left behind its plebian roots in favor of Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney shops that I didnít even dare to go into Ė I prefer to shop at places where I might be able to afford more than a pair of socks and also where Iím not likely to be out-snobbed by the staff. Steve and I met Dawn, Robís ex, for dinner at La Bottega in the nearby the Maritime Hotel. I got a wee bit bombed, as did Dawn, and we wound up in a cab singing ĎTotal Eclipse of the Heartí at the top of our lungs much to the dismay of both Steve and the cab driver. I vaguely remember stumbling into Robís apartment, pulling out the sofa bed and taking a quick shower and I was blissfully asleep (read: passed out) by the time Rob came home from the opera,

Iíll recap Friday and Saturday later Ė three links seems ambitious enough for one entry, and if they work there will be more to come!

PS Ė The new servers at Diaryland? Not so much. Iíve had temptations to go to the DarkSide (that would be Live Journal) but Iíd prefer to stay put here. So, this will get posted whenever DL will let me.

3:09 p.m. - 2005-03-29


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