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Weekend update

So, NYC recaps are all done – on to more recent happenings. Last week saw a flurry of activity in the kitchen – I actually cooked twice. Baked ziti on Wednesday and a chicken-tortilla casserole on Thursday. Both were yummy and yielded enough leftovers to keep Steve and I fed through the weekend and into this week as well.

Friday at my health club they had a special spinning event – 80 Minutes of 80’s. Four spin instructors each took about 20-25 minutes of the class and programmed their own personal favorite 80’s hits. I got there at 5 to sign up for the class the requisite hour early (and also because I’m one of those spin freaks who like to sign up for ‘my’ bike) and good thing I did – the class was full and had a wait list by 5:15. The class completely rocked with excellent music (there were only a few lame songs – I could have done with out Celebration, Mr. Robato and Maniac, but for the most part New Wave ruled the sound system) and because of the instructor turnover the energy level was really high and I worked my kiester off. After class there was a little party and I won a $30 gift certificate for the club that I can use towards a massage or personal training appointment (or if I’m really nice I’ll let Steve use it to try out acupuncture). I went home exhausted and completely drenched with sweat and ate – what else? – leftovers with Steve while we cleared out some of the TiVo backlog.

Saturday I had a lazy day. I wasn’t feeling so great digestively, and then Megan called me to tell me she had to put one of her cats to sleep, which did not help the general mood. I had planned on meeting up with Tam and some other people to see the band Airiel at Double Door, but I thought that between the bouts of digestive distress and the pall of depression it might be best for me to stay at home. I watched about five Gilmore Girls and then felt sufficiently well enough to make a trip to TJ Maxx to seek out some Lorelei-esque clothing and accessories at bargain prices. I did manage to pick up two springy purses – one apple green hobo and a more structured rectangular purse in a soft yellow, and a couple of tops so it was a successful day. When I got home Steve had returned from his errands and we watched the final few minutes of the Illinois NCAA game together. We ate – surprise! – leftovers and watched my latest selection from Netflix, King Arthur. I had planned on watching this by myself because as I correctly suspected it was a pretty awful movie, but by myself I would have been able to just zone in on all the hot medieval men. With Steve there he forced me to focus on things like the wretched writing and plot, the appalling acting, and the historical inaccuracies. Geez – all I wanted was eye candy. Also, take it from me, never ever watch any sort of medieval movie, ESPECIALLY a King Arthur movie with a huge Monty Python fan. He kept humming the Holy Grail theme and any time anyone said Arthur he would immediately start quoting, “Arrrrr-thurrrrr, King of the Britons” in the very deep voice and then in the fake women’s voice, “King of the ‘oo?” I admit it was funny the first few times, especially since the movie was so stinky-bad. Then we had to watch part of Holy Grail so he could get it out of his system and then it was most definitely time for bed.

Sunday we woke up late – very late considering we forgot about the time change until Alli called to ask when we were going to Costco. Steve and I slowly moved to action and we met Alli at Costco about 2pm. Much shopping of bulk items commenced and I bought a 6 lb. pork roast that I now have to figure out what to do with. I believe marinating and pan roasting are in order, but that’s one freaking huge roast – it may require overnight cooking it’s so big. Yes, I could cut it in half, but that would involve, well, cutting it in half and then I’d be so grossed out at having felt the raw piggy tissue being sliced beneath my hand that I’d not only avoid this roast but probably all future roasts as well. That’s just the way I am. After Costco we stopped by at the Mark Shale outlet and I scored a pair of great linen trousers and a couple of nice blouses for work. Steve and I were shocked to look at our watches and notice that it was 5pm, so we raced home and showered and picked up Chinese food from Orange Garden and went over to my parents house to eat. When we got home at about 9:30 I finally put away the three loads of clean laundry that have been piling up in the basement getting wrinklier and wrinklier, then read about half of Hairstyles of the Damned and went to bed.

Not exactly one of my more blockbuster weekends, but not too bad either. Now I have to go and research some recipes for marinade.

1:51 p.m. - 2005-04-04


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