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Wimp out

I know, I know. Somewhere inside of thereís a vegetarian screaming to get out, but last night the vegetarian had to take a back seat because that pork roast was a-mazing! Mm-mm-mm! With a nice baked potato and some steamed broccoli what more could a girl want? Plus, since we only ate one slice apiece I think that Iíll be eating tasty, tender pork sandwiches for the next week Ė yummy!

I was super-hungry after my spin class last night Ė I really worked hard and the room was unbearable hot. I actually had a drip of sweat come off the tip of my nose. Thatís a milestone for me because as Iíve mentioned before, Iím not a very sweaty person. Or at least I wasnít. Is it possible to just become sweaty all of a sudden? Because I used to be a pale, delicate flower who would only glow in a most feminine way. Drips of sweat never besmirched my person (except for the dreaded UBS Ė under-boob sweat, but thatís a totally different situation). But now? I sweat like the proverbial pig. Especially my head. Itís gross and I donít like it, but I suppose there isnít much I can do. Massaging anti-perspirant into my scalp might help the situation but it sure wonít do anything for my hairdo.

So, today the temps have dipped back down to brrrrrr! and what do I do? Wear a nice springy outfit. Iíve got on my new super-discount $9.99 Banana Republic light chino pants (never pay retail at BR) with a pink/green/white-striped fitted button-down shirt and black flats with no socks. Oh well, I may be chilly but at least I look good. This weekend I need to get over to the cleaners to pick up my stuff thatís been there for a month now and drop off another load and have them hem three pairs of pants Ė chinos, light grey trousers, and the new linen pants from the Mark Shale outlet. I enjoy the fact that I need a smaller size of pants, but buying the smaller size pants and then having to have them shortened is costing an arm and a leg. Ah well Ė canít have my pants falling around my ankles, can I?

Iím taking some time away from the shelter so I have tonight open to do what I want. Iím going to take a Body Pump class at the gym and then head out to a bar to meet up with Steve and some of our friends. Shhhhh. Weíre going to Konak. Konak is right next door to Hopleaf (my usual bar of choice) and I used to make fun of it all the time, but then Gaperís Block gave it a good review and now I think Iíll give it a try. Iím a whore about following reviews. As much as I love Hopleaf, I just wish theyíd put a freakiní burger on the menu. Make it a stupid fancy $15 dollar burger made from Kobe beef or whatever, but please for the love of god just put one on the menu. Itís what I like to eat with my beer (or pizza Ė pizza with beer is nice too). I understand that Konak has no pretensions of being a Belgian brasserie and serves decent bar food, including the elusive burger along with some sort of trademarked thing called a Chicken Chop. Iím intrigued - sign me up. I bet their beer isnít as expensive either.

Thatís all for today. And no, I didnít call Walter about Donutís condition. I wimped out. I just canít face getting all weepy right now. Everytime I look at Toby I get all teary and choked up and I just know that if I start to talk to Walter Iíll be bawling within minutes. Thatís something I need to work up to.

11:50 a.m. - 2005-04-07


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