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A Hairy Situation

Oog. The time change is still kicking my kiester. I have been, oh, just a wee bit late to work every day since it happened. What I really need to do tonight is hit the hay right after eat, but in reality there are a few things I need to do so I can either get to bed at a reasonable time or vacuum the house. These are the two choices Ė I doonít think thaty can both be accomplished. I really should vacuum the house Ė the rug in the living room is completely nasty and hairy and there is litter tracked just about everywhere. I should have taken care of it this weekend, but there were other important things to do. Such as:

Friday: I was a cooking whiz. Since we had about 5 lbs. of pork roast leftover from Wednesday night, I boiled up some spaetzle, made some gravy, and made a giant pot of creamed spinach. Healthy it was not, but my god did it taste fantastic. Maybe there is something to this whole cooking thing.

Saturday: I got up at the crack of dawn to get my hair cut and re-highlighted downtown. The El was surprisingly crowded at 7:15 am. The haircut is fine, the highlights make me look too blonde. Yeah, I know itís almost summer and everything but itís just too much and the roots are going to show something awful. Iíll wait a month or so and then go back for a touchup and some low-lights. Megan picked me up when I was done and we went to Forest Park to indulge in a tasty Mama Thai lunch and some practice rounds at the archery range. Yup, Iím back on the wagon. What was nice, is that it was like I never left. All the same guys were there, the geegaws I had ordered were in and waiting for me, and I still suck. But, in the name of less suckage through better (more expensive) equipment, I left my dozen arrows to be refletched with fancy QuikSpin fletches. Theyíre supposed to help make groupings tighter, and they wonít crack and chip like the mylar fletchings I had. Mmmmhmmm. Iíll wait and see. When I got home I collected my laundry and alterations and headed off to the drycleaners. Should I have walked because it was a beautiful day? Probably, but I drove anyway because I had a buttload of stuff to drop off. I dropped off the cleaning and popped into to the resale clothing store a few doors down where I found a beautiful velvet evening wrap for an excellent price, and then I went home. Did I vacuum like I should have? No, but I did throw in a load of laundry. Steve came home shortly thereafter and we took a nap (yes, we really did take a nap) and then called around to see if Dave or John wanted to join us for dinner. Dave had already eaten but John was game to meet us at an upscale, well-reviewed Mexican place that wanted to retry (I ate there once, but they were out of my top two meal choices). John got there before us and called Steveís cell to let us know that the city had shut it down. Ew. We headed over to a Costa Rican place, but I nixed it after checking out the menu and noticing that every dish involved either skirt steak (my least favorite cut of beef) or plantains (bland starchy bananas), or both. We finally wound up at Bite Cafť on Western where we were much impressed with our food. I had a mouth-watering catfish sandwich. After dinner Steve dropped me off at home while he headed out to meet Dave for a beer.

Sunday we slept really late and then spent way too much time discussing what to do. We nixed housecleaning (boring, and besides we werenít at Defcon One filth level yet), the Grayslake Flea Market (like we donít have enough junk around the house), and the Aurora Outlet Mall (I only needed another pair of bike shorts, but there are too many other temptations at the outlet mall) so we settled on a nice drive to a Farm & Fleet in Woodstock. Steve bought some tools, I got a pair of jeans (are Lee Jeans lame? If so I need to rip off the tag and replace it with a strip of cute ribbon or something), we found a paper-shredder on sale, and we bought a 3 lb. bag of pretzel twists. We stopped at a grocery store on the way home and I picked up the fixinís for ChiliMac which made so much that weíll be eating it all this week. Thatís my new strategy. Instead of trying to come up with 3 or 4 different meals each week or ordering take-out, Iíll just make 2 huge meals that will provide leftovers for days.

Now Iím trying to decide if I want to use the free passes I have to go see The Wonder Stuff tonight at Metro. I want to see them, but I donít want to walk to the El in the rain tonight and there is that pesky need to vacuum before the cat hair takes over the house. Iíll let you know the final decision tomorrow.

11:28 a.m. - 2005-04-12


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