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Greetings. Back after yet another hiatus. Maybe the trip to NYC wiped me out more than I thought it did. No big news to report Ė mostly same olí, same olí, so Iíll just start posting the regular sort of updates again. Here we goÖÖ

I ate something yesterday that didnít agree with me. No need for me to discuss the particulars, but I can say that Iíve spent a goodly amount of time today in the bathroom at work ridding myself of whatever has been identified as poison by my digestive system. Chances are it has something to do with my laissez faire attitude towards washing fruit and vegetables, but who knows.

Enough of that. This should be a fine weekend. Today Iím skipping out of work a wee bit early to meet Megan in Evanston to load up all the crapola that we need for tomorrow morningís Strut For Strays , the animal shelterís biggest fundraiser and then Iím done for the day. Steve has a soccer game so I can do whatever I please. I have some yummy leftover pasta with meat sauce and meatballs that I can reheat for dinner with a nice caprese salad and then I can either hunker down with some Netflix (Seabiscuit or Mean Girls) or I can haul my ass out and head to the Abbey Pub to see hicago punk legends The Effigies. I went to Northwestern with the lead singer so I could actually look uber-cool and talk to him. Iíd get street cred for going to the rock show, but if youíre a smart bettor put your money on Paula staying home and outing in some couch time with the DVDís.

Saturday I have to get up ridiculously early for the walk-a-thon, which should wind up about noon. Then itís home for a nap and a shower before having a Girls Gone Wild evening with Megan and Tam. Weíre going to go to Lush for some freshly whipped up body products and then stop by Depart-ment for some crafty-ness and then on to Red Light for dinner. After dinner I think weíll head out for drinks and possibly meet up with my friend Spike from Minneapolis at Neo. Whew.

Sunday Iíll no doubt wish I had drunk less and went to bed earlier, but I can remedy that with my trip with Allison to go to Thousand Waves Spa for a steam and a massage. Then I have to hustle by butt out to Palatine to meet Steve at his sisterís house for a momís day BBQ.

Now if youíre not tired after just reading this entry then more power to you. I shall endeth this link-laden entry here. Recap of events on Monday.

3:30 p.m. - 2005-05-06


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