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Paula Ventura, Pet Sitter

Todayís tip: If you brown bag your lunch and you bring a slightly overripe banana, take it out of your lunch bag immediately upon arrival at work lest the rest of your lunch have the faint tang of banana. I just inadvertently sprinkled eau de banana oyster crackers over my cup oí minestrone and the effect was definitely NOT a taste sensation.

I had to run out at lunch today to pick up some concert tickets (Green Day if you must know Ė Iím taking my niece for her birthday) and lo and behold! There was a Krispy Kreme right next to the Allstate Arena. It beckoned to me and because I am weak I went in and bought a dozen. For work. Geez Ė you didnít think I was going to eat them all myself did you? I was perfectly content with the free warm gooey donut they handed me as I walked in. At least thatís what Iíll keep telling myself. Am I going to hate the Green Day show? I like a few of their songs, but I havenít been to a big arena-rock show in a long time (I donít count Peter Gabriel last year because it was more like theatre than a rock concert). Most of the bands I go to see play in venues that hold 2000 or less. Oh well. It made my niece very happy and elevated me yet another notch in the Coolest Auntie contest. Just wait until she hears we may get to go backstage. Well Ė I wonít tantalize her with that fact until itís for sure, but I have a friend who knows someone who works for Green Day and she might be able to swing backstage passes for us. Iím sure Iíll feel like a major Ďtard, but Royce can get her CD and T-shirt signed and rocket to the position of coolest kid in her clique. I suppose if we get backstage passes it would behoove me to figure out all of their names so I donít make some sort of rockíníroll social gaffe and embarrass myself. So, if anyone has seen Green Day in a large arena let me know how the show was so I can mentally prepare.

I am absolutely itching to get home tonight and watch last nightís Gilmore Girls Ďfreshí episode. I hate that the WB calls new episodes Ďfreshí. It makes the repeats seem stale and dirty and somehow calls to mind the Summerís Eve douche commercials with the Ďnot so fresh feelingí. Blech. But I watched the teaser for this episode and it looks like a good one Ė lots of stuff happening. But first I have to go to spin class and then to my cat-sitting job (more on this shortly) and then to the grocery store. Sigh. Iíll just have to be patient.

So this cat-sitting job is for these friends of my parents (and sort of Steve and my friends too) and they have three cats. One cat is boarded at a kennel because he has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and he tends to be a random and indiscriminate shitter and they didnít want me to have to deal with the frequent messes. The other two cats are like Mutt and Jeff. Willy is about 2314 in cat years and has dwindled down to about three lbs. Bokscha, the other cat, weighs about 22 lbs. The fact that if I skip a day Bokscha might eat Willy, keeps heading over there like clockwork. I also worry that although Willy seems very spry for his advanced years, the end is inevitably near. Letís face it, they just donít live forever. Iím just hoping that he holds out until May 31st when his people come back because I am a little unclear on what to do with someone elseís deceased beloved cat. Do put him in a large cookie tin and bury him in the backyard, or do I double bag him and make room in the freezer? I just donít know and I donít want to find out. On the upside, I have been given free reign to drive their brand new (and I mean BRAND new, under 1000 miles new) Mercedes SUV. They donít want it to sit in the driveway and be a red flag that theyíre not at home. Iíd be driving it right now but I think I need to take about an hour to sit in it with the ownerís manual because itís so technologically advanced I think it just about drives itself. It even has one of those fancy non-key keys. I just imagine that Iíll try to open it and some sort of alarm will go off Ė some sort of Lojack or silent alarm thingy and all of a sudden Iíll be surrounded by a fleet of police cars and Iíll have some serious Ďsplaining to do.

Thatís all for today Ė Iíll try to post before the weekend because it again looks to be jam packed and full of good stuff!

3:05 p.m. - 2005-05-11


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