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I feel unattractive and vaguely dirty today. After last Saturday’s trip to Lush, the fresh skin care store, I’ve been using a bunch of their products –perhaps a bit too much of their products. I bought two of their face masques, which have expiration dates and also need to be refrigerated. Since there is a ‘Use it, or lose it’ thought behind these masques I’ve been using – two masques in two days. I also dove right in to the Celestial moisturizer, and since it’s a bargain at $17.00 (compared to the usually hugely overpriced department store moisturizers I usually use) I’ve been slathering it on my face, neck and décolletage. This wholehearted Lush immersion may have been more than my usually stalwart skin could take as I woke up with 3 tiny pimples on my neck and one under my left eye and my face also has a general ‘Leave Me Alone!’ look to it. I shouldn’t entirely blame the Lush stuff – I also changed perfume from my sultry Hermes Caleche to Diorissimo which has a more floral springy scent and that may be screwing up stuff too. Then, due to some bad eating choices yesterday I also woke up with a face like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Hopefully by the time I have dinner with Ms. Bix I’ll have depuffed and my skin will have calmed down. The contents of my Trish McEvoy make-up planner should take care of whatever damage the gallon of water I plan to drink today doesn’t.

I must be in some sort of springtime cosmetic product using/trying groove because last night when I took my shower I popped open a sample tub of Osmotics lemon body scrub. It was absolutely heavenly smelling and it did a nice job sloughing, but the ratio of sea salt to ‘essential-oils’ was a little strange and I would up feeling very moist but also kind of oily. This feeling continues today and it’s a little icky – like I have a fine film all over me. It would seem from the adverse effects of all these new products that I should just lay off all but the most basic trusted products for awhile, but no, this is the weekend I plan on delving into the world of self-tanners. Mind you, I’m just sticking a toe in the water – I bought the most respected brand – Clarins – and as I generally have the complexion that Goths dream about, I bought the lightest formula available so I don’t wind up looking like an Oompa Loompa. I decided that this is the summer that I actually will put on sunscreen whenever I go outside, and I will wear a hat, and I will (try) to wear long sleeves and stay in (at least) partial shade. I know the sun feels so good and tans look great (and make you look thinner), but wrinkles suck (not to mention skin cancer), I’m not getting any younger and botox and facial peels scare me.

I’ve been perusing the Wildfire menu in anticipation of eating there tonight and I think I have my choices down. There is a seasonal mussel appetizer that sounds yummy and then I think I’ll have the coconut shrimp with rice. Mmmmmm. At least that’s what I want now – it’s subject to change after I eat my lunch and I’m not so freaking hungry. It might be wise to see if Ms. Bix has an interest in sharing an appetizer because I think the portions at Wildfire are huge and I’ve heard that dessert is NOT to be skipped. Perhaps only shared, but not skipped.

I was at the shelter last night and I got to see the new and improved dog-kennel area. It’s really nice and very clean and sparkly. They walls and ceilings were painted and it looks so much lighter and airier and the new kennels are bigger, better lit, and easier to clean. Unfortunately it all makes the rest of the shelter look like shit. Whereas the kennel walls are a pristine polar blue the rest of the place is painted a nasty beige with rust accents. Very institutional looking and not very inspiring. I’ve heard a rumour that the rest of the shelter is going to get painted as well and I think that would be a fantastic opportunity to move all of the cat cages and give the place a major cleaning (including the skuzzy office areas) instead of just renting the Wagner power painter and putting a layer of paint over all the dirt and grime. That might take a little more organization though – the cats would probably all have to get farmed out to foster homes. Of course, if we paint the walls and ceilings then the sad tired linoleum floor and the sagging kitchen cabinets will look like crap. Sigh. One thing at a time.

Time to go now – I want to have all my work finished up in plenty of time for me to make the 6:15 reservation I have with Ms. Bix.

11:42 a.m. - 2005-05-13


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