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I’ve been slacking off again, so I have not one, but two weekends to catch up on.

Two weekends ago was absolutely full – but with fun things. Friday I met Weetabix for dinner at Wildfire and it was so unbelievably tasty. We shared crab-stuffed shrimp and a monsterously large salad for starters and then I had cocoanut shrimp as my main course– although I had some serious food envy looking at Weet’s filet mignon. I had a slice of banana-cocoanut cream pie for dessert that was a big as my head and I could not even begin to finish so I took it home along with the other half of Weetabix’s chocolate-peanut butter confection to be eaten Saturday for a totally inappropriate breakfast. Now – I haven’t even mentioned the martini flights that we had! Four mini-tinis all in a pretty pastel row – a pink cosmopolitan, a peach colored raspberry-tini, a blue something-or-other (that Weetabix accurately described as tasting like a pool – not in a bad chlorine-y way, but more like you might hope the aqua blue of a fabulous pool in the tropics might taste – if it tasted as good as it looked), and a green apple-tini with cinnamon sugar around the rim making me think of a yummy apple pie or a fritter. After dinner we adjourned to the bar where Weetabix had a couple more martini concoctions and I, responsibly, switched to club soda (for free from the very cute bartender who feels that responsible drivers shouldn’t be charged for soft drinks) Lucky Weetabix – by a stroke of planning genius (OK, so it was a happy accident, but I can pretend I planned the whole thing) her hotel was right next to the restaurant so her imbibing went unheeded. We talked about absolutely everything under the sun, and I am so going back to Green Bay for a weekend where by sheer force of will I won’t contract some sort of intestinal ailment. If I puke again in Green Bay I want it to be from one too many cocktails at The Bad Bar. Although, if you have to puke in Green Bay I highly recommend the spotless and spacious bathrooms at the St. Brendan’s Inn. For Weetabix’s side of the story (along with a lovely picture of the martini flight plus a better-than average one of me) check out this link.

Saturday night I went to Green Zebra – the wonderfully creative (mostly) vegetarian restaurant. The ambiance, service and food were amazing. I had two glasses of champagne to start out the night (I could get used to that!) from the fun, sassy bartender and then dove into the food, which was phenomenal. I had a baby beet salad with a foamy carrot-yogurt dressing, an eggroll-like concoction filled with savory mushrooms, and a soft-boiled duck egg surrounded by bean and vegetable purees and served with a slice of sourdough toast. Dessert is but a memory, but I do recall that I ate every last bite of it. I liked it so much I’ve already booked another reservation for next month.

Sunday I had to get some unfun stuff out of the way – mostly mowing the lawn, which I had yet to do this year, making our lawn the least appealing on the block. It was so long and raggedy that I got blisters on my hands from the push mower, but at least it was no longer the embarrassment of the block. To celebrate the shorter lawn Steve and I had John over for a simple barbecue – burgers, beer, fresh salsa and guacamole and a warm plate of brownies made from scratch.

I woke up on Monday feeling like I had eaten everything in the world – bloated and puffy from too much good food and drink. So I hit the gym hard – Body Pump at my regular gym and an intense Yoga class at a new studio near my house. I (wisely) continued my gym activities throughout the week (even winning a personal training session at an AIDS Ride fundraiser) knowing that I had another big weekend up ahead – I’ll update about all that stuff a bit later in the week.

11:49 a.m. - 2005-05-23


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