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Milwaukee Madness

Ugh. So much to update on, this may be another two-parter, or I may be able to condense – we’ll see how wordy I get.

So, this weekend I went up to Milwaukee with Steve and my parents. Friday night we went to the Brewers/Astros game, which was very nice despite the mistaken idea that it would be interesting and tasty to get the Friday night fish-fry at the ballpark. No-one got sick or anything, but better judgment should have prevailed because the meal was so ‘eh’ and tasteless. Note to self: stick to tube-steaky type things at ballparks – hot dogs and brats should be my only choices. After the game we checked into the downtown Hilton which was very nice but is somehow connected to an indoor waterpark (huh? In downtown Milwaukee?) and thus the lobby was completely filled with teens in flip-flops and trying to scam on each other. Rarely have I felt so old and decrepit.

Saturday we hit the Milwaukee Art Museum where we checked out the new exhibition on the Arts & Crafts movement in the decorative arts. I was salivating over just about every piece of furniture and wishing I had brought a bigger purse so I could do my best to stuff in the lovely breakfronts and desks (but really – no purse is THAT big). Since I couldn’t thieve anything from the exhibit I was ‘forced’ to spend wildly at the special Arts & Crafts themed museum shop at the end of the exhibit. Steve and I continued our trend of buying additional sets of wedding bands by picking up a set of Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired bands made by Ortak and I splurged and bought a necklace with lovely luminescent beads (BEADS, I checked this and I had typed 'beds'. That would be one big necklace). We all had lunch at the nice upscale museum café overlooking the lake and then we dropped my mom off at the hotel for a nap and we continued on to an antique mall where we browsed for a couple of hours without finding anything that struck our collective fancies. Steve and I forged on to check out my favorite used CD shop and a couple of nice small jewelry shops before coming back to the hotel to change for dinner at Karl Ratzsch’s for some good German food.

On Sunday we had a nice breakfast and then hit the Haggerty Museum of Art before heading home. Steve and I kicked back on Sunday night and watched Seabiscuit (two thumbs up, but I say the book was better) and Vanity Fair (not universally enjoyed but I liked the costumes) from Netflix since everything we usually Tivo to watch is in summer repeats.

Monday was household work and errand day. I moved the lawn and vacuumed, Steve did dishes and some invoices and then we went to Target for some cat litter and other necessities - should have spent $28.00, total spent, $128.00. Target, it just sucks it right out of you. Then on to Kohls for t-shirts for Steve and some of their American Beauty and Flirt! make-up for me. Like most of the rest of America we grilled for dinner and then watched the first disc of Season 1 of Deadwood. Not for us. It wasn’t the language or the nudity or anything like that – we’re not prudes – it was just a general boredom with the whole show (plus, at least on my end, no eye candy). Maybe if we watched more episodes we’d be able to get into it but it just didn’t seem worth the effort, which is too bad because I usually like Westerns. So those came off the queue and now we’re going to give Carnivale a shot. Hopefully the people in that show are better looking. If anyone watches Carnivale let me know if it’s good or not – I probably have 24 hours to change my mind and bump something else up to the top spot on the queue. Conversely, if there’s anyone who would like to plead the case for Deadwood – maybe it picks up a few episodes down the line when they have more of a chance to focus on individual characters and we just weren’t patient enough – I’d be happy to hear about it.

Randomness: I need to get another pair of Tweezerman tweezers so I can send my current set back to them for sharpening. Over the weekend I tried to pluck a stray eyebrow hair and wound up creating an infected mess. Oops. Today is an exercise in very careful concealer use and also never taking off my glasses to hide the angry red swelling. I’m an idiot who just can’t leave well enough alone.

Tonight we have our neighborhood meeting with the Pastor of the church across the street to complain about the noise violations they’ve had. I don’t mean to be a huge crank, but I really like my sleep and I think that everyone has a right to be in their house or yard without thumpy-thumpy bass beats rattling their windows and early morning mariachi serenades. Aren’t I lucky to have one of the only progressively-hip Catholic churchs in America right across the street? I’m worried that this whole episode is buying me a one-way ticket to Hell, but if eternal damnation is what it takes to get a good night sleep and some peace and quiet, then bring on the flames. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

10:53 a.m. - 2005-05-31


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