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Springfield bound!

Whoo am I glad Thanksgiving is over Ė two turkey dinners is just too much. The T-giving round-up? In-laws turkey was juicier (something about roasting it in a bag) and their vegetable sides are better, but my momís stuffing tops it all and I much prefer my momís roasted potatoes to the in-lawís macínícheese. When we get a new stove Ė maybe in the next few weeks Ė I plan on trying my hand at a turkey. I have a recipe for stuffing made from White Castle sliders that sounds super tasty and Iím dying to try it out. Plus Iím sure that an inevitable turkey mishap will also give me a chance to try out the self-clean feature that the new oven will have.

The animal shelter holiday bazaar went OK Ė I think we made less money than usual. Maybe everyone was tapped out from Hurricane Katrina or something. I did my best to help, bidding on a bunch of silent auction items in hopes that others would bid me up. It worked in some cases, but I did get Ďstuckí with a large ceramic platter, a baby hat (no, NOT for me), three bottles of wine, a tub of litterbox supplies, and a ride for myself and three friends on the Channel 5 NBC parade float in one of the lesser Chicago parades (i.e. not the Thanksgiving parade). Iíll probably choose the Southside Irish Parade because itís supposed to be really fun and Iíve always wanted to go, but Iíve never really wanted to deal with the drunken throngs of parade watchers. If Iím on the float I can observe the revelry but not be crushed by parade louts.

I have tomorrow off work Ė I have one of my State Veterinary Board meetings down in Springfield. Steve and I are driving down tonight and staying at a hotel in town Ė otherwise Iíd have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it to S-Field by the time the meeting starts. Usually we eat dinner at a Cracker Barrel on the way (donít scoff, itís better than McDonaldís and their hash brown casserole is divine), but if we can make it to Bloomington before 8pm I found a place that has deep fried battered dill pickle chips on the menu. Yum! My two favorite things Ė pickled food and fried food combined in one!

Just a quickie today Ė Iím trying to get two days worth of work done today so Iím not so backed up on Thursday when I return to the grind.

3:19 p.m. - 2005-11-29


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