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Cheers to Trader Vic's

Boy, did Steve ever draw the short straw today. This morning I was in the bathroom putting on my make-up and petting Ivy, one of our three cats. I ran my hand down her tail and I felt a bump – a warm bump. Upon closer examination the bump turned out to be an abscess that burst as I was checking it out (all together now: ‘Ewwwwww’). It seemed to be filled with liquidy pus that didn’t smell very nice. Even closer inspection revealed two distinct bite marks on either side of her tail. Goddamn Toby probably chomped down a little harder than usual one of the times he was beating up on her. So, Steve is the lucky one who gets to take her to the vet today for a checkup and some antibiotics. This will likely prove to be difficult as Ivy hates anyone who is not me or not Steve. When she was a tiny kitten she made such awful growling and hissing noises that when I came out of the exam room everyone in the lobby stared at me like I had been torturing her. Then they peered into the carrier as I was settling my bill and laughed because the evil sounds had emanated from such a teensy kitten. When I dropped her off to be spayed I knew she would be a complete diva so to placate the vet staff I brought in 2 pounds of Godiva chocolates when I picked her up. A sheepish vet tech brought her carrier out to me and said, “Here she is. She’s so pretty…..I tried to pet her to make her feel better but she wouldn’t let me put my hand anywhere near her.” I looked at him and said, “Yes. Like many extremely attractive women she has an attitude problem.” And it’s true. The biggest problem is that she’s a very striking cat – silver with black tabby stripes – and people just want to touch her. Anyway, Steve called a little while ago and confirmed that yes, it probably was a bite wound and yes, it is infected and yes, she behaved very, very badly. Cha-ching. Another $100 dropped at the vet’s.

Squeeeee! Home repairs get to begin this weekend! No hammer and nails stuff, but I do get to go and pick out the new stove. Nothing fancy because it will be in the rental unit part of the house but anything is better than the stove we have now that only has three working burners and the oven temp is off by about 15 degrees. Looks like I won’t be spreading salmonella along with my holiday cheer this year because my cookies will be baked all the way through.

Well – I’m out of here – off to Trader Vic’s for a tropical drink with a funny name and a flaming lime garnish. Supposedly there’s a Gapers Block gathering there tonight so maybe I’ll check it out and unmask myself as the loser who checks their website about 50 times a day.

See ya! I’ll try to have a drink for each and every one of you tonight!

3:02 p.m. - 2005-12-16


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