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Turkey neck? Or is it something more sinister?

The new stove has been purchased Ė it arrives in all its clean shiny white splendor tomorrow and the old stove gets kicked to the alley with no remorse or fanfare (probably to be picked up within the hour by a Junquero). Iíve already planned on baking Christmas cookies on Friday and Saturday and then going all out and doing a Thanksgiving in December after Christmas. At my place of employment we have always had Christmas Eve & Day and New Yearís Eve & Day as paid holidays - this year was a little sticky with the Eves landing on Saturdays and the Days on Sundays so the Powers That Be decided to give us the 26th, 27th, 29th, and 30th off Ė a little screwy but Iím not one to turn down a paid day off (much less four). This schedule provides for quite a bit of time for me to have to find things with which to occupy myself even figuring in my post-Christmas shopping frenzy in the house label cashmere section at Bloomingdaleís (my special extra 15% off card came in the mail over the weekend Ė yippee!). I figure thereís one day for hitting the after Christmas sales, one for staying in my pajamas and watching TiVo until my brain leaks out my ears, one for cleaning because I will finally be repulsed by the amount of cat hair and tracked cat litter in my home, and lastly one day for cooking a turkey. Iíve never cooked a turkey before and my mom was never one for letting us hang around in the kitchen while she was cooking so I really have no idea what to do with the frozen bird. I have a recipe for White Castle stuffing that I think Iíll use because it sounds easy and tasty but other than that? No concept other than a vague knowledge that I will be required to stick my hand inside the bird and yank out a bag of nasty bits that I think get used to make gravy. Guess itís time to hit the cookbooks. Iím wondering if itís really more like one of those lower maintenance meals that I might be able to do on my Not Get Out of Pajamas While Watching TiVo Day. If I can do this I might be able to squeeze in a day to go to the art museum in Milwaukee Ė Iím not optimistic though. Iím picturing more of a Hovering Nervously Around the Oven With a Baster Day that wonít allow for much lounging Ė not to mention the Touching the Gizzards and Turkey Neck That Looks Suspiciously Like a Rotting Penis Day gravy part of the experience. It is a turkey neck right? There arenít a giant fleet of eunuchs working at the Butterball plant, right? RIGHT?

OK Ė Iíve got to run to the gym because if I donít I am going to positively explode out of every single pair of pants that I own and itís too freaking cold here to be wearing skirts.

4:21 p.m. - 2005-12-19


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