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Pssssst... Coldplay tickets anyone?

Stove arrives today! Squeeeeeee! Steve is going to make his famous tuna-noodle casserole for dinner Ė I told him that if he lets the noodle pot boil over I will skin him alive. I just want to see it all clean and perfect before it gets crapped up.

For those who asked, here is the White Castle stuffing recipe:

10 WC hamburgers (no pickles or cheese) cut into eights
1 small onion chopped
1 Ĺ cups chopped celery
1 ľ tsp thyme
1 ľ tsp sage
black pepper to taste
ľ cup chicken broth

Mix it up and let it sit overnight and then use it to stuff the bird like you would regular stuffing. Yum!

Over the weekend I had a hair hostage appointment. I had my color touched up, a trim and I got some waxing done. Yes, THAT kind of waxing. Ouch. Altogether I was at the hair salon for about four hours Ė thatís a lot of US and People magazines to plow through. But, I do look absolutely fabulous and I donít think Iíll need to go back until just before Weetabixís Ďcon in February. If I go every eight weeks and spend four hours there per visit thatís a full day of my life (not to mention about a bazillion dollars) lost every year for the pursuit of perfect highlights and hair that will stay flipped under after I blow-dry it. Well worth it my friend, well worth it. Steve thinks Iím absolutely crackers to spend that kind of time at a salon and if he knew how much I was paying heíd probably lock me up and shave my head. Lucky for me he has no clue since I donít think the Sinead look would flatter me.

I am in serious need of some sort of motivational kick in the ass to get me to the gym. I pay $75 a month for the privilege of my membership and the use of a coveted large locker. I had to wait three years on The Large Locker List until someone either moved away or died to get a locker and here I am just blithely not going and not using my secondary stash of beauty products sitting there on the shelves in their little shower caddy. This is usually the time of year that I love to go so that I can rub in my luck at having a locker. I wait until I see someone heading towards me as I grab my coat out to leave and they ask hopefully, ďAre you done with your locker?Ē and I smile and say, ďIím sorry, itís my locker Ė this is the rental locker area.Ē Inside Iím thinking Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! But no, for whatever reason the motivation has up and left me - Iím lucky if I make it there once a week. I think itís the cold snap weíve been having. All I want to do after work is head home and go to bed. Maybe I should invest in one of those lamps that simulate daylight. I donít know but something has got to give and I fear that it will be the seams of my pants. The smorgasbord of Christmas cheer at work isnít helping much either. There is a table in the main office covered with tins of cookies, boxes of chocolates, dishes of nuts, popcorn tins, and other decadent goodies. Ugh. Not only is this playing havoc with my waistline but my digestive system isnít too thrilled either. No details needed, just let me say that bad things are happening several times a day and I donít like it.

On to happier subjects. Updates may be sparse between now and the start of the new year. In addition to the wacky holiday schedule here at work I have a couple of vacation days that I must use before the end of the year so I wonít be around much and I hate typing for extended periods on my laptop at home. On Thursday Steve and I are taking his niece and nephew downtown for some shopping and dinner and then on Friday Iím taking his niece to see Kill Hannah at Metro for their Christmas show. Fun stuff Ė I get to play teenager for the night (although my earplugs are a dead giveaway to my true fogey status) and wear silly goth-esque clothes and a little too much make-up. Speaking of the niece, I had bought her tickets to see Coldplay on March 31st as a Christmas gift but then her mom told me that that is the week of her spring break and they were headed off to California to visit grandparents. Crap. Luckily I didnít even hint to my niece about the possibility of seeing Coldplay because all her parents need is a mopey teen on vacation being denied the right to see her favorite band. The bad news is that Coldplay is not my favorite band. Not even in the top 100. They donít repulse me Ė I donít really feel one way or the other about them and Steve feels the same way. But now I have four tickets (primo tickets I might add) to see them at the United Center. Interested? Iím not looking to make money, just recoup the cost of tickets plus the service charges (about $386.00 for the four). If you are seriously interested e-mail me and I can give you details like seat location and whatnot. Otherwise Iím going to start calling brokers in the area to see what theyíll give me. Funny Ė some people would cut off their right arm for these tickets but not me.

Must go now Ė lunchtime is over!

2:23 p.m. - 2005-12-20


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