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My kingdom for a bundt!

I changed the template for the diary because the white-on-black look was giving me a major headache. This is kind of boring but it'll have to do for now. Am I the only one who thinks that Christmas is zipping up on the calendar too fast this year? I mean, it would seem that Christmas is a mere three days away. I get shorted a day because in my family Christmas starts on Christmas Eve Ė thatís my familyís traditional get together and Ďgift exchangeí day. I put the gift exchange part in quotes because we donít really exchange anything anymore, we just get together and eat our oddball buffet of cold cuts and cheeses from the good German deli, butter basted chicken wings, deviled eggs, smoked salmon, cocktail meatballs, and steak tartare (donít ask Ė it sounds like a strange dinner but itís basically made up of everyoneís favorite things and since there are almost no leftovers it canít be wrong. It is a little light in the carb department though so maybe Iíll make a potato casserole or something to bring along this year). It got to the point where my brothers and I were just trading gift certificates and although a gift certificate for a restaurant or department store is a nice thing to have there wasnít really much personal touch to it so we called a halt. To my nephews on my familyís side I give cash. Crass indeed, but what do I know about what a boy from 11 to 17 wants? At least I donít have to keep track of gift receipts. I have only one gift purchased for Steve Ė a letter opener. Donít judge me and start quoting the pen scene from Say Anything - he said he wanted a letter opener so I went out and found him a fancy Bakelite-handled one at a local antique emporium. Iím not too concerned about the lack of giftage for Steve though - since this year due to a hectic Christmas visitation schedule* we wonít have much time for just the two of us (Flash to bad Grover Washington/Bill Withers song Just the Two of Us) to be alone and enjoy our own gift exchange so we decided to push it back to New Yearís Day. The date is close enough to Christmas to still have the Christmassy Holiday Glow, it will give us many extra shopping days and we can take advantage of the multitude of after Christmas sales.

* Christmas Eve at my parentís house, early morning on Christmas Day a return trip to my parentís so I can eat the rest of the steak tartare for breakfast (Mmmmm! Raw meat at 8am Ė again, donít judge Ė steak tartare makes an appearance only once a year so I have to take advantage of it while I can), noon brunch at Steveís parents house, and then a dinner at Harry and Eleanorís, my de facto Godparents, house with my parents.

Alas, even with the New! Easy! Gift Exchange Program I still feel like I need to somehow pull an extra 12 hours out of my ass for stuff I must complete before the holidays. I need to bake three batches of cookies: Sour Cream Drop cookies because theyíre the only cookies my mom likes, chocolate chip because my rotten nephews only like cookies that are Ďnormalí, and a double batch of Chocolate Toffee Butter cookies because they totally kick ass and they look almost professionally baked and when I give them to people they look at me with awe and I move that one tiny step closer to Martha Stewart. I also need to make some sort of coffee cake to bring to my in-laws brunch. A couple of years ago I brought an amazing bundt cake made even more amazing by the fancy cathedral shaped bundt pan I bought at Williams-Sonoma and itís presence has been requested again (of the presence of some sort of coffee cake-esque baked good). Unfortunately that cake pan is packed away somewhere in the depths of my basement not to be uncovered until right about this time next year when we move into the top part of the house and can finally begin to live like adults. This means I have to either buy another bundt pan or find another recipe. Looks like itís time to hit some recipe websites as I donít think battling the mall parking lot just for a bundt pan in the cards either time-wise or sanity-wise.

In other news I think that as part of my New Yearís Resolution to make the flab that has crept back onto me go away, I will not only begin to hit the gym again on a regular basis but I will begin to add a small food diary paragraph at the bottom of my entries. In the past Iíve found that keeping track of everything that goes in my mouth is a darn good way to keep me honest. I promise to keep it brief and keep it at the bottom so if it bores the pants off of you, you can skip it. If I stumble onto some miraculous weight plan and I actually manage to lose weight and fit into my skinny clothes Iíll be sure to let you know. I'd start on it now but let's be realistic - with an upcoming weekend menu featuring all my favorite high fat foods and then a turkey stuffed with White Castle burgers it would probably be better if I just wait until temptation is out of the way and I can start with a clean slate.

2:28 p.m. - 2005-12-21


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