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Rice Cakes a go-go

The bruise/scrape combo on my arm is really coming into its own. It has swollen up like a balloon to the point where I cannot rest my arm flat on my desk, necessitating a kind of hovering technique. The bruise has become a lovely shade of purple that radiates away from the bright red, three-inch long, one-inch wide scrape – sort of how Our Lady of Guadalupe has that aura surrounding her on devotional candles. If I can start to see the face of Jesus on my forearm I’ll take a picture, otherwise you’ll have to imagine the horror. Since I don’t want everyone to think I’m married to a wife-beater I’m doomed to wearing long sleeved tops for the next few weeks unless I find someone with a stash of medical leeches – I hear they’re excellent for getting rid of bruises.

I have a weight loss question for those who have tried different methods and/or programs. I hate to get on a scale – I dislike having a number ruin my day (they certainly ruined enough of my days back in high school when I was taking algebra) – but I’d like some sort of measurable way to see if I’m getting any smaller. I do have a pair of jeans that are kicking around the back of my closet that I fit into when I’m at a weight I’m happy with but I don’t want to have to trot them out every week and try to stuff myself into them as a measurement. They’re old and soft and not made anymore (no, they are not a pair of pleated, tapered, acid-wash jeans – they are a well-faded pair of Gap Boy Fit jeans that were made in an era before Britney made it impossible to buy jeans that are fashionable AND cover your ass-crack) so I don’t want to stress the seams unduly – I usually only give them the old college try when I’m feeling like I’m close to my goal. Would taking measurements around certain places on my body be a good idea? I was thinking of measuring my waist, thigh, and upper arm weekly and charting the numbers. Thoughts?

I finished ‘S is for Silence.’ Eh. I love a good mystery but I feel like Ms. Grafton left me hanging with some questions at the end. I won’t elaborate because all my questions would be spoilers for anyone who reads the series, but if you read the book you’ll see what I mean. Tonight I think I’ll start ‘Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife’ by Mary Roach. I’m not really a believer of ghosts or spirits, but I do like to read about them. I should have brought the in to work with me – I’m the only one in on my side of the office today. I should have taken advantage of this by wearing my pyjama bottoms and slippers to work and bringing the book to peruse but I actually have a bunch of end of the year stuff to do. Financial stuff sucks.

If I feel particularly athletic this weekend I might bust out my bike and go for a ride. Mayor Daley has made Chicago a very bike friendly city and there’s a path that starts a couple of blocks from my house. All the rain has melted the snow and ice away so it should be pretty clear, all I worry about is the wet pavement. I must admit to being kind of a bike spazz – I didn’t learn to ride a two-wheeler until I was in third grade. I think I gave it a try when I was around 6 or 7 and I must have fallen off and stubbornly refused to get back on. Then in third grade they announced that on one particular day we’d all have to ride our bikes in to school for a Safety Town demonstration and bike safety check. This was a problem. I had avoided the subject of lack of biking ability rather neatly – I took the bus to school, my friends were walking distance from my house – no problem. But now with Bike Day looming I had to get into action or face the ridicule of my classmates when they found out I couldn’t ride a bike. Embarrassment is THE great motivator. I learned in about a day (duh – it isn’t really that hard) and wobbled through Safety Day without any problems, but I never really clicked with biking. Spin class? No problem – the bike isn’t moving. It’s the little things like traffic, potholes, and puddles that mess me up when I ride a real bike. Plus I’m not that hot at starting back up from a stop or making tight turns – you know, all the things that you encounter on a bike ride.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hr. Spin class – it’s starting to not hurt so much anymore.
Dinner yesterday: the last of the turkey and mac’n’cheese, a salad and a small dish of pickled beets. Now I finally understand all those jokes about having to eat Thanksgiving leftovers over and over again. I’m PMSing so I had a handful of Ghirardelli mint-chocolate drops for dessert. Excuses, excuses……
Breakfast: small glass of grapefruit juice, lite yogurt, coffee with milk. I might have to start trying to go to Starbucks in the morning. I make a really awful cup of coffee when left to my own devices (or more accurately the devices at work).
Lunch: Three rice cakes smeared with lo-fat peanut butter, an apple.
Snack: an orange.

10:59 a.m. - 2006-01-05


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